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Imagine it's valentines day and you have no boyfriend and you're complaining about it to your best friend Ashton. You're in the same class and when you have your last 2 hours of school you hear that Ashton is going home sick. You tought " great then i have absolutely no one " When your class was over you didn't really want to go home cause your parents where out of town and you didn't want to feel lonely. When you came home you saw a rose hanging on your door. You opend the door and saw rose petals all over the floor and stairs. You walked up the stairs and saw candles in a pad to your room. You opend the door of your room and you found Ashton sitting on you bed with a bunch of roses. You got tears in your eyes and asked what this was. And he said " (y/n) i know we are best friend but to me you're more than that, ever since we met i had a huge crush on you but i was affraid to tell you. And then you was complaining about being single on valentines day to me. I knew i had to tell you some day. So i did this. I hope you don't hate me but i .... i love y.... 'shut up you say ' and you kiss him.

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