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Pen Your Pride

A/N: that girl in the picture is LoveLy on her first day of school 😄😄


Yeah!!!! It's junior year and LoveLy-Lynn will have the freedom to reach her dreams. She will graduate in 1 year will she be ready since she is still at the age of FALLING IN LOVE. Being in that age can change anyone specially a 16 year old teenager girl. It's hard and tough specially for her, shes been in so much pain and heartbreaks. Not a heartbreak in falling in love but from her family and friends. With the broken peaces she still stand straight with head held high up with a smile. That smile that make other people happy and with her personality doesn't explain the pain she been through in 16 years living in this cruel world full of mystery and miserable. Any ways it's the second semester and she is applying for a scholarship in the west coast that only have the courses that she wants to take. Even though her family doesn't approve of it she promise herself that she will reach her goal to make all her dreams come true. This is time of the month she will have a very unexpected surprise.

LoveLy-Lynn (lovely or sarang) P.O.V:

I'm so excited to go back to school since it's been a hard winter break for me. So I woke up with all the commotion downstairs "I should've already got use to this everyday" I thought to myself. And this is the first reason I wanted this break to be over.

"Are you ready??" said my grandma who was cooking for my breakfast.

"Yeah!!! I'm coming INA, I'm just putting on my things on my bag" I replied back

A/N~ INA is ilokano/filipino word means grandma

"Lynn are you ready yet??!?!" She ask again

"Yea Ina I'll be down in a minute" I answer

Went downstairs seeing all of them arguing my dad talking back to my grandma and my stepmom just standing there, her face looks like it's going to blow out. Anyways yes I have a stepmom and she's not really what people think she is.

My grandma told me to eat breakfast before I go to school so I did what she ask me to do. While I was eating my grandma mention my name.

"Lynn is my granddaughter and I'm taking her with me if you don't control that wife of yours" she exclaim. Which made me tear a bit but I tried not to

"Well she's my daughter I know my wife have a little misunderstanding with her sometimes it doesn't mean you can take her away from me" said my dad. Which made me smile

I run towards the door I couldn't take it anymore with them fighting in front of me. Makes me regret everything I wrote on that paper. How stupid of me thinking no one would read those papers that I threw away. The last thing I heard my grandma say was

"Just don't make me regret this decision and don't ever promise something that you can't keep...... I'm giving you a second chance to protect and to take care of her because I don't know how long I can stay in this world to protect her" she cried out

"I will and mom don't say that I'm thankful for the care and love your giving her the things I lack to show or give to her" said my dad while hugging & patting my grandma on her back

I was walking to school since my house is 5 minutes away. I was walking and thinking of what my grandma said to my dad. Which made me worried I can't take it anymore, I know she care and love me but when she says those things that she will not live that long to take care of me makes me feel uneasy. That thought without her in my life to support me. I can't I just don't know how to explain the feeling without her in my life. She's the only one that I got now without her I will be more miserable.

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