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Next day

Ellen’s POV

I lock my apartment and head to the elevator, pressing the button and waiting till it arrived, once I stepped in I pressed the button for the ground floor and left the building going down the street towards the supermarket, I grabbed a trolley and walked down the first aisle, collecting things I don’t necessarily need but want, I soon reach the last aisle to find a rack with bouquets of flowers, I grab a small bunch of white roses and finish the last part of the shop before reaching the registers, I wait in a line, looking over the magazine shelf before I start packing my things up onto the counter, mindlessly scrolling though instagram while I waited.

“Who are the roses for?” I look up at the sound of a familiar accent.

“Umm, my apartment. I didn’t know you worked here.” I slipped my phone into my back pocket and watched as he scanned all my items, “How are you feeling, you were smashed the other night.” I laughed.

“Yeah, happy bloody new year to me.” he rolls his eyes causing a laugh to escape my lips, “I barely remembered what I did, I woke up outside the place, Harry was with me.”

“Harry was shockers as well, but aren’t you both a little young to be drinking?” he shrugged.

“By law yes.” He places my last few things in a bag, “forty seven, sixty.” I pay for the things and grab my few bags.

“I’ll see you around.” I smile and Niall nods as he starts serving the next customer and I head out the automatic sliding doors and back towards my apartment.

“Why are you in my apartment, how’d you get in?” I ask Liam curiously as I step into my apartment, the door wide open, I set my bags on the counter, he holds both cats in his arms.

“When I got back the cats where in the hall, the door was cracked open, I thought you were home.”

“I locked the door before I left.” I was so caught up in finding Liam in my apartment I didn’t notice my things had been thrown around my apartment, “Holy shit.” I speck quietly, stepping out from behind the kitchen island and walking down the three steps of the main room, I cross the floor as Liam watched me as I step thought the opening of the bedroom, it’s also trashed, I grab my phone from my back pocket and dial for the police as I step into my wardrobe to see clothes all over the floor, I speak to the operator as I go back towards the door and examine the look, its scratched but that’s pretty much it. “The police will be here soon.” I tell him.

“Who do you think did it?” I frown as I look at the wooden floor, thinking about it. I don’t think I have made any enemies here, Harry but why would Harry do this? “Do you know anyone that doesn’t like you?” I bight my lip.

“No, I barely know anyone here.” I look up at him, Liam took the cats to his apartment, I guess he called Louis because he was here shortly after sitting with his arms around me on the lounge, I can’t stop thinking about this, who would have broken into my apartment and for what reason?

“Babe.” im snapped out of my thoughts by Louis.

“Mmm?” I look up at him, he had worry prominent in his fetchers.

“I said the police are here.” I turn my head towards the door to see Liam talking to a couple officers, I stand up and walk towards the door, they introduce them self’s and shake my hand when I do the same back.

“So do you want to give me a basic statement, of what happen of what you have been involved in so far.” I nod as we stand in the door way, Louis had a hand on my hip and he holds me protectively I think but its comforting in a time like this.

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