∞ Come to Sweden! ∞ 

Rapunzel: -skips out of plane strecthing-

Merida and Elsa: -groans- Ughhh, never make us go on that long a flight!

Hiccup: At least you didn't have to sit with Jack! He wouldn't stop snoring!

Jack: Sorry princess, but I need beauty sleep too! 

Rapunzel: -shivers- it's cold o-o -pulls on sweater-

Jelsa: The cold never bothered me anyway- -starts laughing-

Mericcup: -puts on sweaters and cuddles to stay warm-

Rapunzel: ;~; #foreveralone -hugs Logan Lerman poster-

Elsa: Where the heck did you get that? O-O

Merida: He's sorta cute- eh, sorry Hiccup XD

Hiccup and Jack: -.- God.

All: -goes through customs and shiz-

Jack: Does anybody else hear screaming- AH!

       A whole crowd is surronding the group, fangirling and screaming their heads off.

Fangirl #1: oH MY GOD JELSA! -starts screaming and crying-

Fangirl #2: -grabs Punzie's hair- OH MY GOD IT'S REAL! CAN I HAVE IT?!

Jelsa and Rapunzel: o-o help!

Mericcup: -being swarmed by fans- We need more help!

                     eventually they get to the Hotel~

All: Ow...

Punzie: Oh my gawd! They have an indoor swimming pool! -drags Merida with her-

Hiccup: -hauls everyone's luggage up to the rooms- How many bags did Punzie bring?!

Jelsa: -shrugs and laughs, following Merida and Punzie to the pool-

                                  Later onnn~

Jelsa and Mericcup: -outside in the snow, doing mushy lovey dovy stuff-

Rapunzel: -continues staring at Logan Lerman poster- ahhhhh <3

                       I actually had a lot of fun writing this chapter o-o this is just an example of what would happen if we went to Sweden XD ~Punzie

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