5 Years Later

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(A/N: Lol the only chapter that doesn't begin with The. XD)

"Doctor! Can you please tell Amy and Rory to stop jumping on their beds?" Clara called desperately for her husband for help with their twins.

"Amelia Ellie Smith and Rory Dave Smith! Stop jumping on your beds..." The Doctor joined where his wife was, inside their kids' rooms.

"Without letting me join first!" He started to jump on Rory's bed, grinning like a child. Clara laughed, watching the three.

"Get down from there!" She giggled and the three did stop.

"It's time for bed you two." The twins did as they were told and went to their beds. The Doctor tucked Rory in and Clara tucked Amy in.

"Tell us a stwory daddy!" Amy asked, her usual pleading eyes on.

"Alright, alright. Say goodnight to mum, she needs to rest." The two said goodnight and Clara walked back to the master bedroom.

"One day, there was a slave..." The Doctor began, telling the story of their meet.


I hope you liked it. :)

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