The Proposal

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Once all the guests had left from the party, the Doctor settled back in his office, waiting for Clara to brighten his day. A familiar knock arose and the Doctor's face lit up.

"Come in." As he expected, Clara Oswald was in his office, holding a cup of coffee. She was still shaken about what he was before, but she'll still serve him any day.

"Vastra says you needed coffee?" She placed the cup on his table and waited for what he wanted earlier.

"Ah Vastra, always the caretaker. Anyway, remember I said I wanted to speak with you earlier? Well," The Doctor stood up from his seat and walked over to her. "I wanted to ask four little words."

"W-What are they?" Clara asked quietly.

"Will you marry me?" He asked, kneeling on the ground, and opening a blue velvet case to reveal a sapphire blue ring.

"I..." She didn't know what to say. She knew the rules. He saw her hesitance and realizing it was because of the rules, he started to sing in the old language before English, Gallifreyian.

"I will go far, I will go close just to see you. I will change everything for you, I will do all I can to just protect you. You are my life, my beginning to end. I will do all I can to marry you." It was a song Amy told him, a song that Rory sang to Amy on their wedding day.

"Will you marry me?" He asked again, his eyes full of pleading.

"Oh Doctor.. Yes." She finally considered and the Doctor slid the ring on her finger. He began to tell her of the origin of the beautiful sapphire ring.

"This is a special ring Clara, handed down from one Williams to the next. This special ring requires a special girl. That's you my dear." Clara blushed at his kind words.

"Doctor! But the rules-," she started but the Doctor put a finger on her lips.

"I took care of that." He took his finger off her lips and crashed his mouth to hers. It was a long, passionate kiss but had to be stopped once someone knocked on the door. They immediately stopped and tried to fix themselves best as possible.

"Come in." The Doctor called once he was in his office chair. The door opened to reveal Vastra. She examined them and laughed once she saw the obvious reason.

"Finally tied the knot Doctor? That's lovely. Don't wear the ring Clara, everyone in the house knows that it's the Williams ring and the Doctor was planning to give it to someone very special." She left the room, leaving Clara and the Doctor a moment. They didn't know that all the servants were outside the door, listening to everything.

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