Chapter 13.9

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Chapter 13.9

End of the Jungle

King pause in front of Ryder, giving a salute.

‘I think this is more appropriate King’, Ryder said as he stepped forward and gave King a quick hug, which King returned.

‘Good to see you in one piece…’, Ryder whispered into King’s ear before pulling away.

‘Well it’s good to be in one piece sir’, King replied as he and Ryder began walking back to the helicopters.

As they walked, Ryder decided it was time to tell King the bad news. With a heavy heart, he turned to look at King.

‘King…Anna’s…’, Ryder started.

‘Dead….I know sir’, King completed his sentence, taking some of the burden away from Ryder.

‘I’m sorry’, Ryder said after a few minutes of silence.

‘It’s not your fault sir….what about the body’, King asked hesitantly, knowing very well Anna could not have had a painless death.

Ryder paused for a minute, a pained expression forming on his face as he remembered how he had found Anna.

‘It was terrible King….it was terrible’, Ryder replied, unable to go into further detail as tears formed at the corner of his eyes.

King breathe in deeply, trying his best to hold in the pain, hurt and anger he was feeling.

‘I should have gone for her….dammit!’, King cursed as a tear streamed down his left cheek.

Ryder didn’t say anything. He didn’t know what to say to King to try to comfort him. King had been so close to Anna while they were in the Marines to the point that everybody referred to King as ‘Anna’s little bro’. And now that person was taken from him forever. Ryder just didn’t know what to say, instead putting an arm over King’s shoulder.

As they reached the helicopters, King was finally able to compose himself. He looked at Ryder and smiled slightly.

‘Thank you sir…’, King said as he got out from Ryder’s grip.

‘No problem King’, Ryder replied as he walked off to his Helicopter.


King heard a soft voice call out to him from behind. He turned to see Maria and her team standing behind him.

‘Tit’s…’, King replied as he looked at her.

‘I heard about Madam…I’m really sorry’, Maria apologized as she hung her head.

‘It’s not your fault Tit’s…..’, King replied

‘No! If I had listened to you, then you would have been able to save her instead of trying to rescue me….it is my fault’, Maria said as tears began streaming down her cheek.

King looked at her, a sad smile on his face as he walked over to her. He reaches for her chin with his right hand, and tilts her head up gently so that she is looking at him.

‘Maria….it’s not your fault’, King repeats himself, this time giving her a soft smile and using a softer tone.

Maria looks into his eyes, which weren’t as cold as they seemed now that she had a clear look into them. She brings her right hand up to wipe away her tears before nodding.

‘Good….’, King, smiles again before letting go of her chin.

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