Dear Readers:

If you have no idea what "willow trees" are, remember this part in the movie "Frozen."

It is the part where Kristanna (I think you know that ship, right?) and Sven met Olaf. You know, the trees that made a twinkling sound that is long with falling droplets of rain?

It's okay if you can't remember. Moving on...

"Land right there," Elsa said, pointing to the spot where Jack was instructed by Elsa. They touched down and Elsa let go of her hands on Jack.

"So where is it?" asked Jack. He followed Elsa. Unfortunately, Elsa turned her back and saw him.

"Why are you following me? I said it's a surprise remember?" Elsa cocked. Jack thought for a while.

"Oh, right. So what will I do?" he said, remembering the surprise.

"You have to close your eyes, silly," she ordered. Jack closed his eyes. Elsa took both of his hands.

"Don't worry, Jack. I'll guide you as we walk," she said softly. Without hesitation, they walked towards the forest. Elsa was smiling. But "why" is the question.

They stopped through a forest full of frozen willow trees. "You can open your eyes now," said Elsa.

Jack carefully opened his eyes. His eyes were anazed in what he saw. He asked Elsa a question. "Woah, did you make-I mean froze them?"

Elsa felt speechless. But now she is not smiling. She's already grinning! No, wait. Grinning and blushing at the same time! Her eyes are on Jack's.

"Elsa?" interrupted Jack. Elsa jumped a little. Was she daydreaming?

"Are you daydreaming? I asked you a question and you didn't bother to answer it," said Jack.

"Oh, sorry. It's just..." she paused.

"Is there something you have to say?" he asked.

"Nothing," sighed Elsa. "And yes. Jack?"

She realized he wasn't there. A snowball hit her back. She know who threw that one.


Hope you like this chapter!

          *Forgive me if I have any typographical errors*

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