The Reveal

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"What do you mean stop?" Harold asked with flames in his eyes.

"He's not Prisoner 116311. I AM!" This outburst received a gasp from everyone and caused Clara to drop the plate of food.

"Impossible! You aren't a sl-." Before Harold could finish, the Doctor was pulling his suit jacket and shirt off. His chest was well toned, but what shocked Clara was the marks, bruises, and a small tattoo on his right side that said: 116311.

"It was you, the one who tortured me this way. I ran for my life from the mines and the Williams took me in. Harold Saxon? No, I think I should call him The Master." As the Doctor put his shirt back on, Rassilion was looking at the Master angrily. A slave isn't supposed to be tortured. Just forced to do things. Maybe once or twice a month to make sure they won't become lazy, but that's it...

"GUARDS! TAKE HIM AWAY!" Two guards appeared and dragged the Master out of the ballroom. Clara was in shock, the Doctor was a slave. The man she loved, a slave, well, before.

"I'll be back!" The Master yelled out from closed doors.

"Doctor, he has caused you so much. I'll give you one request." Rassilion wasn't so sentimental or this kind. This was a one time thing. There was only one thing he truly desired.

"I want the rule masters can't marry or love their slaves lifted." He replied firmly and Rassilion nodded.

"This party isn't over! Continue on." Rassilion sat back down on his chair. The Doctor was relieved; he wasn't going to jail or worse, be a slave once more. Clara picked up the plate of food and was relieved nothing fell out. She continued on with her work, not daring to say anything...

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