[Chapter 9: Goodbye, Brave.[END] ]

It was such a dull day.

It had been three days since Makoto's death. The funeral had already been prepared. The sky was gray, the sun unable to be seen. Those who came in the funeral were all dressed in black. 

A black limo arrived at the beautiful garden where the funeral was being held at. Out came Takashi and the other hosts. All in of the boys were in tux's, Haruhi was in a black  strap dress.

Such a grim expression was on the face of Makoto's boyfriend. He didn't speak a word, just walking slowly into the beautiful garden of many different flowers. 

What a colourful garden for such a dull funeral.

Everyone was seated.  The priest spoke, "Makoto Takeshima died young. She was a sweet girl loved by many..She'd do anything to make sure others were happy, even put their happiness before hers. It's such a tragedy to see her go away from this cruel world but, She's up in heaven now. No weak heart to hold her back." He spoke. As he continued to speak, Takashi gazed over at the opened casket.

There laid Makoto, in a beautiful white dress with red roses around her coffin. Her blond hair was beautifully made, her eyes closed. She held pink roses to her chest. A small smile was on her face strangely though.

Finally she was gone from all the pain in her life.

"Makoto requested before her death for her boyfriend to speak at her funeral. Well, In her note she just asked for him to say, "Just a few things."  Now,Can Takashi Morinozuka please come up?"The priest looked around.

Takashi slowly got up, going  to the place where the priest was. He faced the audience, a grim expression on his face. Without warning, tears streamed down his cheeks,"...I will never stop loving you, Makoto." He spoke up, looking to the open casket.

She looked so peaceful.

The fact that she was gone was hard to admit. Takashi closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again. He noticed that her promise ring was still on her fingers. He leaned down, brushing a piece of hair out of her eyes. "I promise."

The giant leaned back up, nodding to the audience before going back to his seat. They clapped.

A few more people spoke up, including Makoto's family. Maiko went  up with her parents as they spoke. She said something oh so tragic," I hope Makoto wakes up from her sleep soon so we can play together!"

Such a sentance broke the hearts even more of the people listening. 

Makoto's cousin, Hana was crying her heart out, hugging her stuffed toy rabbit  close to her chest," Makoto...Why..."She sobbed. Mitsukuni looked over to her. 

He handed her Usa-chan,"Here...Usa-chan will help you too."He smiled.

Hana sniffled and looked back at the shota,"Thank you.." She took the other rabbit, hugging them close as she cried.

Mitsukuni looked over to Takashi who's tears didn't seem to stop.

After everyone spoke up, everyone went up to the open casket, placing a flower  with the girl. Afterwards the priest closed the casket. That was when it finally dawned to Takashi..

It was over.

She was gone forever.

There was no way to get that angel back. For such a long time death has been hunting her down. Finally it caught her.

The funeral was over. Takashi sat down beside the coffin, his head down, such an grim look on his face. The tears had finally stopped.. but they just started up again. He looked up as he heard footsteps coming close to him.

There standing was Makoto's mother. She smiled slightly,"..Makoto wrote this for you before she died.."She spoke, handing him a letter. Takashi slowly took it. Makoto's  mother's eyes watered,"Goodbye, Takashi."She nodded to him, turning around and going back to her family.

Takashi opened up the letter, reading it.

Dear Takashi.

The end is near. Though, By the time you read this I'll be dead so i want to say I'm sorry. I don't want to leave this planet but this isn't my choice. I wish we had more time together.

I love you. One day we'll meet again, right?

I'm so sorry that I left you. I want to come back. I want to hug you and kiss you again. Just thank you for everything you've done. I've never known love until you taught me it. I never thought I'd have a boyfriend.

Thank you for making my last days the best days.

I'm sorry for breaking the promise that we'll always be together.

We can do that promise again when we meet for a second time.

I'll be looking forward to it.

Please try and forget me. I don't want you to be sad all of your life because of me. If i had one wish.. It'd be to make sure that you and my family are always happy. No, I wouldn't spend the wish on myself. You and my family matter to me the most..Ah, So do those at the host club. I love them too!

Anyway, Takashi. My time is up. I better leave already.

So, Goodbye, Takashi.

Until we meet again..

Make sure we meet again, okay?

The piece of paper quickly got stained with tears. To stop himself crying over it, He folded it and put it in his pocket. He continued to cry.

'Why did you have to leave me, Makoto?'

Mitsukuni walked over to his cousin, smiling sadly,"Takashi..Let's go.."He whispered, gently taking the giant's hand. Takashi stood up, walking out hand in hand with his cousin. Those tears of his wouldn't stop though. "It's okay, Takashi.."He whispered out a lie.

Takashi didn't know how to live his life now.

She was gone forever. That'd just be something he'd have to accept.

Death is cruel.

In the distance there was a transparent girl standing next to the garden of roses. Her dress and hair blew in the faint wind. She crossed her arms behind her back, watching Takashi leave.

She smiled softly at the giant, "I love you, Takashi."

The sun slowly came out from behind the gray clouds, shining down on the beautiful garden. Takashi glanced back, seeing  the figure of the girl he loved in the distance. He looked away before realizing it, quickly looking back.

She was gone.

He stopped in his tracks, just staring at the garden."..."His tears stopped, a soft smile going on his face, his eyes soft and sad. Somehow, Even though she's gone, it feels as if she's still here next to him. He let out a soft sigh and continued to walk towards the black limo.

The see-through girl watched the limo drive away after the boys and Haruhi got into it. The sun shined brightly on her.She sighed, "I wish i could stay here a bit longer.."She whispered, "But It's time to go."She turned around, walking in the direction of the bright light.

And without warning, she was gone for a second time.

[Brave - END. ]

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