The Day

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Today was the day. The anniversary when the Timelords beat the Daleks, an opposing country. He was putting on his best suit while Clara was putting on her maid outfit. It was a bad day for the Doctor and a slightly better day for Clara. She too was having a hard time commanding her emotions for the Doctor.

"Clara?" Jenny knocked on her door.

"Come in." Jenny opened the door, closed it behind her, and watched as Clara put on her shoes.

"The Doctor needs to talk to you again." Clara had gotten used to the Doctor randomly calling her for the past week. Ever since that day she gave him advice. She wasn't complaining since it gave her another chance to speak with him and see his floppy hair and green eyes. It was actually a nice thing to her and the Doctor.

"Alright, I'll be there." Jenny left Clara to put on the last touches of her little blue maid dress. Once she had finished, she walked out to go to the Doctor's office.

"Doctor?" She knocked on the door of the office and the Doctor's face lit up. No matter what mood he was in, Clara made him feel better.

"Ah yes, Clara, come in." She opened the door to find the Doctor, putting on his black bow tie. He seemed to have a little fancy with bow ties, for some unknown reason.

"You needed me?" She asked, trying to avoid the desire to just kiss him on the spot.

"I wanted to ask two questions. One, after the ball, please speak to me and two, do I look good in this?" He smiled goofily.

"You look wonderful Doctor."

"Oh and Clara?" He called before she could open the door.


"You look marvelous in that." Stupid! That wasn't what he wanted to say! However Clara blushed and smiled at her master.

"Thanks." And once again, Clara had slipped from his fingers once more.

~Time Passes to Night~

The Doctor loved parties as a child. When Amy and Rory took him in, they were always invited to parties. He was called the drunk giraffe, thanks to his dancing skills. But the Doctor hated this party. Rassilion and Harold were sitting on their 'special chairs', looking as if they were the best of the best. The Doctor despratly looked for Clara, but all he found was his cousin Ten and his girlfriend Rose kissing. He did find Clara after that incident, but before he could speak with her, Harold Saxon stopped the music.

"Hello everyone, as you may know, I am Prime Minister Harold Saxon. Thank you Doctor for the wonderful party. As you may know, searches for Prisoner 116311 have been around for quite sometime now." The Doctor felt a lump on his throat. He was found. However, he was actually quite wrong, he found out as the Master continued.

"We have found him." The projector projected an image of 'Prisoner 116311'. It wasn't the Doctor. Following the picture, came up a live video of a guard getting ready to punish 'Prisoner 116311'. The voice of Amy came up to his head. Her last words.

"John. Never be cruel nor cowardly. Always be a Doctor. Be a healer, not a destroyer. Do that for me." Those final words gave him the courage to speak up.


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