The Talk

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His flashback ended when a knock on the door put him back into reality.

"Come in." The one person that could make this better and didn't know it came in the office. Clara Oswald.

"Doctor, Vastra said you needed me?" Clara asked, closing the door behind her.

"She did?" He asked, silently cursing under his breath. Vastra knew he fancied her, but why would she do this? He needed to stay far away from Clara so his desire and love for her wouldn't go seen.

"Yes sir." She gave him a bright smile, knowing why she was actually here. The Doctor needed cheering up, at least that's what Vastra said to her. The Doctor thought of some use or reason why she should be here.

"I have a question. If somebody, say a rich man like myself, liked a slave like you, but couldn't admit it, what should he do?" That was a question Clara didn't expect. What was his motive?

"Well, the rich man should man up and tell her. Who knows, the lucky girl might like her too. However, there are rules to this and I suppose both of them know. But if the man truly loved the girl, he would break the rules for her. That would be true love." The Doctor thought about it for a second.


"Yes sir?"

"Call me the Doctor. Being called sir is so annoying."

"Yes...Doctor." He liked how she said Doctor. It was... Different. She glanced over at the clock and almost jumped.

"Doctor, if you'll excuse me, I must be off." Clara ran out the door, realizing she forgot one last chore. Meanwhile, the Doctor was fiddling around with her advice. True love to break the rules. He loved her so much. If he could just have an extra moment with her. Just to say those five words that had been playing his mind.

"I love you Clara Oswald." He whispered out into the open, wishing he could just say it out loud, in public. Blasted rules...


Sorry it was short XD

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