The Past

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Weeks passed quickly and Clara was still working hard as always. She became friends with the rest of the slaves, Jackie, Mickey, Martha, just to name a few. The Doctor was falling for her more and more with each day that passed. Same with Clara. However, he had a bigger problem than his feeling of love for this girl.

"Why does he want a ball here?!" The Doctor furiously asked Vastra.

"Rassilion seems to want a ball here since it is the day." She was referring to the War Anniversary, when the Timelords beat the Daleks.

"So he can party and leave us to clean the mess." He groaned in frustration. Rassilion was the leader or king, however you put it, of Gallifrey. The only reason why the Doctor didn't want to have a ball in his big mansion because the Prime Minister, Harold Saxon was there.

"Don't think of it that way! It'll do you good." Vastra argued.

"Fine! Get the others to make the invitations or whatever!" The Doctor slammed the door in front of Vastra's face. He sighed in defeat and sat down in his office chair. Harold Saxon was going to be there. His tormentor when he was a child.


A boy was running. Running for his life. He couldn't stay at the mines. He was a slave, escaping the torment of being one. Especially since The Master, now known as Harold Saxon was ruling the place. He had scars from his brutal beatings and cuts from his knife. He didn't dare to look back. When he finally got to the clearing, he was at a mansion. The Williams Mansion. There was a couple, a ginger and a blonde, drinking tea when he came about.

"Oh my! Poor child. Rory!" The blonde man looked at boy and his eyes showed deep concern.

"Darryl! We need fresh clothes for the young chap and some food!" The blonde, Rory, called out to his butler.

"Are you alright?" The ginger stepped closer to the boy and he took a step back, not known to comfort.

"It's okay, we aren't going to hurt you. What's your name?" Rory asked, walking closer to the boy.

"Prisoner 116311." The boy replied. This didn't change their look at him.

"Nonsense! Your true name." The boy didn't know how to reply. He had another name but never used it.

"John Smith." The ginger smiled.

"It's too plain. What have you always wanted to do in life, John?" Rory asked, receiving the clothes from Darryl.

"Be a Doctor." He smiled, the first he's ever done in ages.

"Well, Doctor, we'll make sure nobody hurts you. I'm Amy." Amy gave the Doctor a hug. It was the best day of the Doctor's life. Prisoner 116311 disappeared into thin air when the Doctor began living with Amy and Rory. He never felt so loved.

~End Flashback~

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