The Girl's Of Today

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The girls of today

What is it with the girls of today? From the things they did one to two years ago from the things they do now.

Only a couple of years, to a couple of minutes, that's all it takes for the minds to be corrupted by the the ads and music to the subliminal messages. Getting us girls to think that we're not good enough; making us think that we need to be a certain height, weight,and shape.

What happened to the girls that dignity? What happened to the girls who loved who they were from the inside to out.

The girls who didn't have a worry on what they look like or what others will think.

There's so many young girls getting pregnant with children when some are still children themselves, thinking their ready for things when it's not even their time to come.

The girls of today need to stop going fast forward and just stop and be who there suppose to be; themselves.

We should get those girls back to our generation.

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