The First and the End

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Cath's POV

"What? You're gonna get mad again? Damn it! Our relationship wasn't even real from the very start! Stop acting like my girlfriend 'cause you were never one." it hurts to hear this from him, but anger took over the pain.

"Who said I was going to scold you, you stupid frog? Well, point taken, but I am YOUR girlfriend. You asked me to be one, right? You begged for it, so that you can show your mom that you're a man. Wow, Evans! What a reason! "

He wants scandals? Then I'll give him that. He humiliated me? I'll pay back.

I can see furiousness printed on his face, he's really pathetic.

"I begged? Fine, I begged 'cause you looked like the girl who would fit. My mom won't believe that I've fallen inlove, if the girl I picked was very beautiful. She'd think twice. But if it was UGLY, she'd realize that it was true. And look, Ventura! It worked! So how 'bout that Ventura? I'm sick of this relationship, I'm sick of you! You're not the one I love anyway." he said with a smirk before walking away. Damn you, Evans.

All of the students heard that stupid fight, and of course they laughed. Who wouldn't? Evans is the heartthrob here, compared to me. I'm a no one.

"It still didn't change the fact that you begged.." I muttered, balling my fists.

"Geez, I can't believe he begged to this pest. He should have done that to me than to this trash." A clown girl said. Evans I will really kill you, you pulled me into this mess.

I tried to stop myself from crying until I was the only one left in the hallway.

I ran and ran. I should have been the one who dumped him! My pride was taken away! My ego! Two of the most important things in my life was always taken away by that frog!

I wasn't really ugly, I am actually beautiful if only I remove my glasses and cut my long bangs that covers my face. And I wouldn't even try to do that because of one memory I hate. I don't want to talk about it.

Kenji Jame Evans, heartthrob, gangster, stupid frog, ugly attitude, autistic. That's my description, while I'm Cattleya Ayes Ventura, top 1, usually bullied eversince I went to this school, sadako, smart. I think that's all. You see Evans is a rich boy, but he really has an ugly attitude, not like her sister who really likes me for him. Like, seriously? We hate each other! Faye Rean Evans is her twin sister, my only friend in this school.

"Ayleya! What happened? My class just finished, and I heard a rumor that he broke up with you.." She said and I looked at her.

"Yeah, that's right. He did, and I hate it." I grunted.

"Why? Do you love my brother now?" her eyes shined.

"No! Yuck, I hate it 'cause he did the first move. I wish I can change back time and do the first move, aish! My pride and ego again!"

She looked at me seriously, and that made me arch a brow.


"Is that what's really important to you? You don't feel anything when you're with my brother?" she asked

"It's important to me, and I don't feel anyting but pure disgust and hate when I'm with him. Should I feel anything besides those?"

She shooked her head and sighed.

"Let's go eat ice cream. My treat, then let's talk about my brother.." again? Tss, that's all we do!


"So, what happened?" she started, shoving a spoonful of her favorite strawberry cream in her mouth.

"What do you mean, 'what happened'?" I asked.

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