The Meeting

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Once Clara got cleaned up and examined by Martha, she was given a list of chores and a room. She got straight to work, ignoring the room. Once it had reached midday, she was called in by Vastra. She was led to a room, probably an office where the Doctor was sitting. As she went in, she followed Vastra timidly.

"How would you like your coffee sir?" Clara asked, her instincts kicking in.

"Cream and two sugars please." The Doctor replied, not taking his eyes off his book.

"How would you like your tea miss?" She asked Vastra next, feeling that she should serve her too.

"I can do it myself." Clara got to work, making the coffee and tea with precision. She gave the Doctor his coffee and Vastra her tea. The Doctor took a sip and his eyes lit up.

"Clara, this must be the best cup of coffee I have ever received. Thank you." He put his book down.

"Thank you Clara. You may be the only one that ever asked me." Vastra smiled in appreciation. Everyone else thinks she's a slave, so they don't ask her if she would like anything.

"Take a seat Clara." The Doctor pointed to the seat next to Vastra. She reluctantly sat down. Clara wasn't so accustomed to comfort since all she felt was pain.

"So Clara, tell us about yourself." Vastra asked, taking more sips of her tea.

"Uhm... I was raised as a slave, an only child and my parents were shot by my last master." She replied.

"I'm sorry for your loss." The Doctor's eyes looked sorry and she liked that. Her other masters had evil in their eyes.

"It's alright... Anything else you may need?" Clara asked, slightly wanting to go back to work.

"You can go now." Vastra replied and Clara shuffled out the door. Once she was gone, Vastra spoke again.

"You fancy her, don't you Doctor?" Vastra asked. The Doctor let out a groan of defeat.

"Is it that obvious?" The Doctor asked, his eyes looking down.

"Doctor, it is. I've spoken with Donna and Martha. She didn't even look at her room. Mickey tells me that she just started working. She's still afraid of torture." Vastra watched for his reaction.

"Oh dear. I'll speak with her again. I do indeed fancy her, but you know the rules." The Doctor sighed sadly. In Gallifrey, slaves aren't allowed to love their masters, vice versa.

"That didn't stop Amy." The Doctor's ears perked at this.

"I was a child back then, it was easy to do so."

"Doctor. You like her. Donna sees how she looked at you when you walked in to check everyone's progress. She likes you too." She stood up and left the Doctor to think.

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