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Chapter 10:

Nialls p:o:v

This last month has been the hardest month of my life. Yes it's been excactly 1 month since Jessica went into a coma.

There has been no improvement and we haven't been back to see her.

We are currently on our way to Australia for our Australian tour.

We are also going to meet Jessica's parents to see how they are.

I hope there not mad at us.

I have skipped out half way through some of our concerts because when we have to sing a certain song I think of her and cry again.

My eyes are always red from crying and I have to always wear sunnies now.

We Skype Emily every week and she looks worse than me.

She is taking it really hard and she hasn't left her side that much at all.

She sometimes calls one of us in the middle of the night (mostly Harry) just to tell us how sad she is and let it all out.

I feel really bad because I have known her for a month and Emily has known her for years and I'm the saying how unfair my life is because of this when really hers is worse.

I decided to sleep for the rest of the long and torturous flight.

Emily's p:o:v

Everyday she looked worse.

I talked to her all the time hoping she would hear me and wake up like it was all some horrible dream.

I hope if she wakes up she doesn't have amnesia or brain damage.

It's funny because our tickets to leave back to Australia were for today and it was for the excactly same flight as the boys.

So if we never met them here we would have met them on the plane because the seats we both had were the same rows.

Eleanor calls me every day to talk.

She is such a great friend.

She's coming back to London in a couple of weeks.

I just wish Jessica would wake up.

Nialls p:o:v

I got woken up by Harry telling me we were in Australia.

Wow I slept for a long time.

We had a concert tonight then a interview tommorow than another concert and then in two days we get to meet Jessica's parents.

We walked of the plane and looked around the Melbourne airport.

We were ushered through the screaming fans and it felt like that time I saw Jessica but this time when I turned around there was no one smiling back at me.

We got in a limo and got dropped of at our hotel.

Harry's p;o:v

I miss Emily so much I call her everyday.

I don't know how to tell her that I like her because it will ruin everything.

I know it will.

I think I will tell her soon.

Liam's p:o:v

We were on our way to our interview because we had just finished our concert.

We got all our makeup done and waited to be called out.

Jessica hadn't woken up yet and Niall is so sad.

He's not motivated to do anything more.

I wonder how one girl can make him fall so hard like this after a week.

We walk out to where a lady is sitting talking into the microphone and as the crowd sees us they go crazy.

The interviewer. Tries to calm them down but it takes about 5minutes.

We sit down on the couch and begin the interview.

We talk about our newest album we are working on and tour dates and stuff like that.

She asks stuff about our personal life which we only answer to some.

After 45 minutes

We have sung 2 songs and talked for ages and it is time to leave.

We wave to the crowd and gather up our body guards.

We rush out the door and through all the fans and get in the limo.

We make our way to Nandos (nialls choice) and we eat in.

I notice Niall barely eats anything again .

He picks at his food and stares at the ground most of the time.

I don't know what we are going to do about it.

Louis p:o:v

Every concert we did was a blast.

It's just so great seeing all the fans faces when we come out and sing for them.

I miss Eleanor so much.

Only about a month now till we get to see her.

It's so far away.

I feel as if my job gets in the way of my personal life too much.

But I guess having so many people support you I wouldn't change a thing.

Tommorows the day.

We get to meet

Kate and Laurence, Jessica's parents

Also her sister Sophie and her older older brother James.

We were all so nervous.

Hopefully I don't break anything at there house with my clumsiness.

We have a concert In an hour and I honestly can't wait.

Harry's p:o:v

We were starting out concert.

We all ran out onto the stage and everyone erupted in cheers.

It was the best felling.

The concert went fast and soon after we we're making our way to the hotel.

We all went straight to bed ready for what was to come tommorow.

Nialls p:ov

We were out front of Jessica's parents house.

I was so nervous I stayed up all night ( see what I did there) thinking about it.

Harry knocked on the door and an Middle Ages man and woman introduced themselves.

We got inside and talked about everything that happened that night until Liam got a phone call from Emily.

"Guys she's awake" Liam screamed and I burst into tears of joy.

Authors notes:

Sorry it's been 5 days I just haven't had much time to work on it it's Friday night here in Australia

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