Chapter 3- getting ready

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"Rise and shine my darlings!" A voice shouted and a stream of light was let into the room.

I turned and pulled the covers over my face to block the light. Only to feel a tugging on my cover.

"Go away" I grumbled and pulled the covers back. Hard.

"It's my cover too" I heard Immy mutter and took my pillow to cover her face.

"Up!" I felt a weight on me.

"Clydesdale!" I shouted, he was disturbing my sleep.

"Ladies up! It's 12 in the afternoon" he flopped over me. That got us up.

"Damn I've slept half the day away" Immy sighed, she liked to rise early because she could get more done in a day. I kind of picked up that habit from her too, but unlike her if I didn't wake up on time I didn't mind I would continue my day as normal whereas she would be slightly annoyed.

I looked at her and laughed, her honey brown hair was everywhere, hair matted and in her face and she had panda eyes. She looked so rough it was funny to see.

"Well you aren't a picture either darling" she threw a pillow at me. I went to the toilet and saw what she meant. My dark brown (almost black) hair was everywhere, and somehow strands were defying gravity. I had some dried spit on my chin. Gross, sometimes I dribbled when I slept, grim I know. At least I wasn't wearing makeup yesterday so I didn't have mascara smudged around my eyes. I splashed water on my face to wake me up and clean up a little and went back to the living room.

"Ooo what smells so good" I was sniffing the air and Dave was moving around in the kitchen but I couldn't see anything in detail because I wasn't wearing my glasses.

"Bacon, sausages, egg and potatoes since everyone seems to hate hash browns" Dave still had his back to me, and was cooking away.

"That's because they taste funky" Clyde made a face as he was taking out plates and forks.

I walked over to the fridge and got out some orange juice "where's Immy?" I went to get some glasses too.

"She said she's going to get something from her car" Clyde shrugged. I nodded.

"Juice or tea?" I asked Dave and Clyde.

In unison they both chose the juice, I poured 4 glasses of juice knowing Immy would want juice instead of tea. Immy came back into the house with her clothes for today, she laid the outfit on the sofa and joined us to eat.

"Bloody hell how's it 2:30 already?!" I looked at the time on my phone, time seemed to fly by so quickly.

"Well we need to get a move on" Clyde clapped his hands together.

"Jog?" Immy asked.

"Sure" Clyde and I agreed, Dave had to get ready for work since he was starting his shift later today.

A run seems easy until you run it. I know I was used to regular exercise but I always felt like I was dying when I ran. It was horrible, always is. But after the run we went to an empty park where we did some squats and push ups. Well Clyde did push ups, I was dead after one so I just laid on the floor like a big log, but I did do the lunges and crunches!

We returned to Clyde's house after, I drove to my house and Immy to hers. The plan was to shower and meet back at Clyde's where we would get ready. It was 4:30 when I came out of the shower and put in my contacts, I had washed my hair and thankfully waxed earlier in the week. I wore my lacy red bra and matching underwear since that was Clyde's special request, and I wore lose grey joggers and a plain black top. Apart from towel drying my hair I pretty much left it and put it in a ponytail. Grabbing my car keys I left for Clyde's house.

I got to his at 5:00, Clyde was fussing with Immy's hair, she had it at a middle parting and her honey brown hair fell in soft waves just below her shoulder.

"Ok now put on your clothes" he ordered her. She laughed and took her clothes to the bathroom.

"Now you" he looked at me and pointed to the seat Immy was just in. My hair dried before I even got to Clyde's, so all he had to do was brush and straighten my hair. He slicked my hair back and pulled it into a ponytail and held it with a cuff clip instead of a hairband so the ponytail would lower as the night went on it would stay right in the middle of my hair.

"Get dressed" he threw my clothes rather violently at me after.

"Yes mother" I saluted him and stripped to my underwear because I couldn't really be bothered to walk up to the stairs only to come back down again. Immy came into the room as I was pulling my playsuit up my legs, she was wearing yellow trousers that came to her ankles and a cream shirt, the colours suited her tanned skin perfectly.

"Looking good Immy!" I winked and put my arms through the arm holes.

"You too hun" she laughed back.

My playsuit had a v-style cut at the back, now I see why wearing the red bra was so important, you could clearly see the red straps on my back. Immy was sitting in front of Clyde again who was doing her make-up putting on some blusher, mascara and some simple pink gloss. When she was done, Immy went to put on a yellow blazer which matched her trousers.

She turned around "good?" Waiting for Clyde's final seal of approval.

"Mm, tuck the shirt in and fold the sleeves to about three-quarters of your arm" he gestured to her upper body half with a make-up brush.

Immy took off her blazer and did as he said while I sat at the chair in front of him.

"Chin up" I did as he said. He was putting some bronzed and blusher on me, same like Immy he put mascara on me too and gave me red matt lipstick instead of gloss.

"What happened to the natural look?" I raised an eyebrow even though my eyes were closed.

"Shh, this is better" was all he said. It didn't take him long to do my makeup so now all I had to do was out on my black platforms. I stood at 5"10 without heels so tonight I'd be even taller, but being a model I learnt to accept my height and work with it instead of against it. Doing like Immy did I asked for his final seal of approval.

"All good! Now I need to do myself, thank god I'm perfect already so I just have to get dress" He rushed upstairs. Sassy Clyde.

Immy had done what Clyde told her and she now was wearing her black pointed heels, Immy was tall too around 5"9 and a half barefoot, but her heels weren't as tall as mine so I'd still be a bit taller tonight. Clyde was wearing a navy blue suit, he didn't need to bother on makeup and hair. His hair was naturally perfect, and his face was always spot free. It was now 8, time for us to get a move on. We decided to walk because it really wasn't that far away from Clyde's house and by none of us driving it meant we could all drink tonight.



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