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A cold chill awoke Adena, followed by a soft shivering gasp when her eyes fluttered open all, she saw were vines around her body which quickly began retreating back into the forest grass which was once again pale, unhealthy and dead. Jerking her body forward she sat upright gazing at the darkened sky encompassed by the alluring moon. Her eyes darted around gazing at the dull lifeless scenery around her.

Had it been all a dream? Did I really just imagine what I could have done?

Gone were the vivid wild colors of the trees and blooming flowers, the forest appeared to be in the condition she had found it before, as if she had never touched it. Adena's heart sank as the ominous thoughts in her mind grew, she had to have done something.

"You had quite the fall Princess." A deep voice called out from behind her, ringing with sure fire interest. "I believe a thank you is in order, I did catch you as your descent became deadly. You know you fell at a great speed I was rather surprised that I captured you at all."

It was a man she concluded a very confident one as well, gathering herself on her feet she turned to meet him.

My, was he a vision of Heaven, or was it Hell? Surely someone who looked this beautifully wicked could not be anyone ordinary. Before she could gawk unceremoniously at his features Adena's dark eyes locked onto his light brown ones. They were regal yet looked at her softly with no judgment. He stood a few feet away dressed in dark colors leaning against a withering tree, his body looked as if he could break the tree, his towering figure reaping the shadows.

"I know you." The shocked whisper slipped through her mouth willingly, she did know him. But from where she was not so sure.

The man smiled then dropped his gaze down to the ground before looking up at her once more. His eyes twinkling with an unknown emotion.

"Perhaps your notion is right, maybe we are well acquainted with each other. However the question remains, what is my name?" He spoke softly, taking a few steps to where Adena stood frozen in a state of awe and confusion. She opened her mouth to answer but quickly the words died down in her throat.

"It seems as I am unable to acquire your name at the moment, for that I apologize." Adena was amazed she was talking in perfect English actually making of some sense with a man of his appeal.

"Well since we haven't seen each other in many years I cannot hold you accountable. Despite the years, for me it was hard to forget your name Adena." Her face blazed in heat and she nervously began playing with a soft piece of her dress. This was the sort of behavior she showed unconsciously while conversing with the opposite gender.

"Gabriel is what I'm known as, and your agitated state amuses me. I find your innocent nervousness appealing." She was not looking at him, refused to but she could sense his smile.

"I was sent here by your father apparently you did not return home at the given time." Adena's eyes darted to his again about to speak in her defense she was stopped by Gabriel.

"I understand your feelings and know that sometimes you might feel suffocated however, even I have boundaries that I do not cross." His voice became more authoritative and features darkened.

Of course he was the same as the rest of the men in Aragon! Why should she have hoped a different outcome? Men all thought the same, in her world they all wanted control over women dominating in every corner.

"Do not lecture me about boundaries!"

The sharp voice that left her lips shocked her for a moment. Adena turned and began the walk to her home, lightly grasping her skirt in hand so she would not trip in the darkened vision of the lightless forest.

"Adena." Gabriel called out softly, she turned on her heel to look at him. "You live that way." He jerked his thumb behind him where she could make out the shadows of the castle tops. Once more her face blazed in heat. Silently she made her way back to him, so she could quickly go back to her prison cell which was known as her room. As she brushed past him he gently held onto her passing by arm. They both gazed at the scenery in front of them instead of each other and maybe it was just better this way.

"Being in your presence made me forget the real reason I have journeyed here." With his empty hand he reached into his shirt pocket producing a small shiny object that reflected the moon's rays. "I have something for you, at the time I thought it would do your beauty justice but now I can see how wrong I am. A thousand diamonds could not do your beauty justice." Bravely he looked at her side profile. "I made it myself, I was hoping you would say yes." Gabriel turned towards her, moving her body to face his. Taking her cold left hand in his he slipped the piece of jewelry on her ring finger. Adena looked down at the fine band of gold that had one large red ruby encrusted in the middle of the band with hundreds of smaller white diamonds surrounding the ruby. Turning her hand she saw Gabriel's name written in italics across the other side. It was breathtakingly beautiful and looked to be very expensive, his family had more money then Adena's, compared to him she was a spinster.

"It is beautiful." She replied not wanting to seem rude. "But you did not have to make it so grand a simple ring would have done fine." Looking into his eyes once more she found herself becoming nervous.

"When you look at it I want you to remember me." Ignoring her words for the expense he held onto her right hand and began leading the way to the castle.

"What happened to the invaders?" Adena questioned as her inner mind was in turmoil.

"They left, foolish of them to step on our lands. The Warlocks disposed of them quite nicely. Adena do not take what I say in the wrong way, but I would like it if you did not wander out in the wilderness so much, the invasion proves that even this part of the land is not safe for anyone." He sounded truly concerned for her safety so she did not give a remark as to why she could do what she wanted.

"You smell of the ocean." The stupidity of her statement made her want to drown, Gabriel made her to nervous.

"That is because I was alongside Aragon's fighters out on the beach ridding those mongrels. After all I have someone to protect now as well." Before she could reply to Gabriel the pair had already made it through the wooden doors into the gates of Aragon. They passed through the safety portal and then Adena saw the outskirts of town. Shops and cottages outlined the cobblestone steps, standing infront of their homes were her fellow Witches and Warlocks along with children and humans. They were arranged in parallel lines leading down to her family who had been awaiting her arrival. Despite the quiet she did not sense any trouble that she may have been in. Then her people erupted in an out roar of joyous clapping and shouting for the new couple to be. Fire works even lit the sky as everyone began celebrating.

Adena and Gabriel stepped closer to the mass of people she felt a strange surge of energy that made her heart beat faster. Her eyes darted all around trying to find the location that made her feel this way. As she walked down the parted way with Gabriel her eyes locked onto a man who stood out against the muscular set of Warlocks, this man was less built and was a few inches taller then the other men, he had a dark hooded cloak covering his entire body, his hands were in the shape of fists. He looked to be angry as if he were restraining himself, his mouth in a grim line, Adena looked into his eyes as they flashed a sea blue, she could not look away almost spellbound. Adena felt her heart accelerate her pulse quickening. Gabriel squeezed her hand in reassurance and smiled at her, thinking her nerves were getting the best of her. Adena turned her attention to Gabriel, she should not be looking at other men, she was engaged. However many times she said this her eyes still travelled to the man who she would have to walk by. She kept her gaze rampantly down when she did pass him and from her line of vision she could see his hand reaching for her. Too late, she was already gone.

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