Chapter 21

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Shans POV

"Come on get up" I rubbed my eyes and saw Nash ready hanging over me I forgot we were leaving early, I got out of Hayes grip and ran upstairs to change when I got down cam carter Nash and Hayes we're ready standing round the sleeping boys dotted round the room. "Let's go" I took Hayes hand and we walked out to Nashs car as we drove off we pasted phoebes house I saw her Livvy and Lexi all sat out on the front porch and they watched us drive past.

The drive to the office was about 2 hours so I slept the journey to make up for lost sleep, "wake up" Hayes pecked my lips and I fluttered my eyes open to see him helping me get out the car, this building was huge! We went through with security up to Mr Griers office on the top floor. Nash knocked on his door.

"Boys come in and you must be shan" he was friendly he shook my hand and we sat down Hayes sat next to me holding my hand while Nash and there dad went through the forms.

"Just sign here and here, okay great welcome to the family"

"Thank you Mr Grier!"

"Please call me Chad you family anyway" he was nodding at me and Hayes hands , I smiled and he pulled all of us in for a group hug then we went back to the car.

Phoebes POV

"I win!"

"Wait no phoebe thats cheating do something"

"Sorry she got you to the floor first"

Livvy and Lexi were wrestling to see who could floor the other one first obviously Lexi won i was the judge ah.

I walked outside and sat on the front porch shortly joined by Livvy and Lexi again we were all talking about when we should go shopping for the next digi fest we were leaving again in 2 days , I was still thinking what I should buy when I was distracted by seeing carter cam Nash Hayes and shan get in a car a few blocks from mine just outside Shans and drive past where were they going. All 3 of us had our eyes on them when they passed then went back inside.

"I'm using the shower first!" Lexi pushed Livvy over and locked her self in there so she came and sat back down with me when liam was ringing

L: hello phoebe how are you

P: hi and I'm good thanks

L: as you probably haven't heard but it is official that shan has left now so your a solo act and I'm your manager

P: oh okay ... So who's her manager now may I ask

L: I saw some tweets on twitter I think she Is now under the management of 26 mgmt

P: okay thanks Liam bye

L: goodbye

Thank god she's gone ! Lexi was out the shower now and getting dressed so Livvy was in there. I got on my phone and saw the tweets

@26mgmtstars" we would like to welcome our newest addition to our family @shanmoore14 can't wait to get working with you and the boys 👍

@hayesgrier" congratulations beautiful I love you now we can always be together 😘 @shanmoore14

@carterreynolds" welcome shan this is gonna be fun 😋 @shanmoore14

@shanmoore14" can't wait to start working with @26mgmtstars and my boys @hayesgrier @camerondallas @nashgrier @carterreynolds 😘 and I will be returning to digi fest

Seriously she's coming back oh well it's not like I'm gonna have to share slots or rooms with her anymore. "PHOEBE YOU SEEN TWITTER! Livvy attacked me when she walked out the door "yes I have but that's not gonna bother me I'm glad I'm a solo act now let's go shopping" we all got into my matte black lambrogini and drove to the mall.

Shans POV

"No I'm gonna tell her !"

"Over my dead body Gilinsky"

"Oh what's little espinosa Rex gonna do about it"

That's all we could hear as we walked in through the front door matt and jack were arguing again. "OKAY NOW SHUT UP BEFORE THERE WILL BE MORE THAN ONE DEAD BODY IN THIS ROOM!! Good I had there attention I was gonna speak when Hayes came behind me wrapping his arms round my waist and resting his head on my shoulder , I turned my head to kiss his cheek then turned back round the guys .

"Okay now who's gonna tell me what"

"Okay Gilinsky you tell her"


"Your channel with phoebe has been took down as if it never happened so we set you up a new one and you already have over 1million subscribers"

"That's what you were fighting over to tell me about" I ran up to them both giving them a hug then turned to Nash "so what time we gotta be at yours ?"

"Well we can go now"

Elizabeth was making dinner tonight and invited me Chloe and the boys over too ,we all split up between 3 cars in one car Me Hayes Chloe Nash and Cameron

In the other Carter Matt Jack Jack Taylor and then Shawn and Aaron.

"Come on in guys" Will let us all in and we sat down at the table, me and Chloe sat with Skylnn in between us and Hayes was on my other side. "Hey shan wanna play ponies after dinner and who's that" I love this kid "aww sky this is my friend Chloe and I would love ......

"No sky were going back to Shans after dinner" hayes interrupted , sky stuck her tongue out at him. Dinner went pretty quick and we all went back to mine. All the boys fell asleep downstairs and Hayes picked me up bridal style to my room then put me down pushing me against the bed hoovering over me , he kissed me roughly and he licked my bottom lip for entrance, I teased him a little and denied till he bit it causing me to gasp and him stick it in, while we made out he rubbed small circles with his thumbs on my inner sides and stated sucking on my sweet spot making a hickey. I pecked his lips one more time before pushing him off me and cuddling into his bare chest while he stroked my hair. The next couple days are drag but I know this digi fest will be better hopefully

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