Chapter One

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December 21st, the Friday that changed my life forever. I was in 8th grade, I went to Tris Jr High school because high school didn't start until 10th grade where I'm from. I live in Washington, not DC just plan old boring Washington Oh, I'm Nova by the way.


Ugh I groaned, my alarm went off it's 7:15am I thought to myself. 'Kim get up we are leaving in 10 minutes!' As my grandma put a Boost (breakfast drink) on my nightstand, I drank it. So I got up threw on some pj pants and hair out up and a coat, I went into the bathroom and put on deoterant, went pee, put on contacts and sprayed purfume. Then grabbed my bag and binder and left. When I got to school I saw my friend Ally, who I didn't know that long and met at the beginning of my 8th grade year, she was a year behind me so she was 7th grade and she was 12 when I was 13 at the time. I walked up to her and said hey and she said hi, so we went to the breakfast line in the morning, she bought me a chocolate muffin cuz she was getting on. We were talking about what to do tonight cuz she really liked this guy his name was Eric, I guess it was his birthday and he was on the skate team. Ally asked me if I wanted to go skating that Friday night and I said 'umm i don't know, I haven't been skating in years.' And Ally insisted I go with her since she was coming home with me after school and staying the night. So we got to my house around 3pm and then we got ready!! Make up, hair, perfume, showered, and cute outfits!! At the time I decided to wear all yellow, oh boy did I stand out, but I'm sure wild I thought. Now grandma got home around 5:30pm the skating started at 7pm so I asked my grandma and she said sure and handed me money me and Ally left the house and off to skating we went!!

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