Chapter 57

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A few more days go by, and you only talk to Josh a few times. He calls you every morning, and every night, but they're extremely busy all day with filming so usually you only get a few quick texts here and there. Which completely sucks, based on the fact you're used to spending twenty four hours a day right next to him. You hang out with Henry a lot a first, and then watch Rosie one day for him while he has to work late. Finally you wake up one day and decide to text Bailey and Kate to see what they're doing. You start a group message with both of them, and say "Either of you up for a girls day, super bored just sitting here." "I'm in!!" Bailey texts back right away, and a few minutes later Kate responds "I get done at school in 55 minutes, I'll come up to North after I'm done. Can't wait. Xx" Bailey texts just you back, asking for your room number and then about five minutes later there's a knock on your door and she's there. "I had a PET scan so I was already here, hope it's okay I came." she says after you usher her in. "Of course it is!" you say with a smile, and scoot over so she has room to sit on your bed. "So how did the scan go?" you ask her, knowing in the early stages of her cancer how important they can be. She smiles which you take as a good sign and says "The chemo is working, it's starting to shrink now." "I'm so happy for you" you tell her, completely honestly. It does hurt that you don't always know what's going to happen to you since you have such a rare form of cancer, but you're glad it's starting to look up for Bailey. You guys talk a bit about how cancer has changed her life and you tell her some stories about growing up with cancer. By the time that's done, Kate walks into the room. "Hey girls!" she says with a smile. She sits down cross legged on your bed and you all start talking. "How was school?" you ask her. "It was soooo long. I'm so ready to be done." she answers. "So you're a senior?" Bailey asks. Kate shakes her head yes and you say "Oh that's cool! My brother should be a senior!" "Should be?" You wonder if you should tell them about your parents or not, but you decide to. "Well when I was 17, Henry was 15, and our parents died in a car accident." you say slowly, trying not to show too much emotion. No matter how long goes by, and how many times you talk about it, it never gets easier. "Oh my gosh, Savannah." Kate says, and Bailey says "I'm so sorry." "Thank you," you say and then continue, "Anyway then we moved out here and when Henry got her he uh, used partying and a girl to help him try and forget the pain. So just over nine months after we moved here he had a daughter with this girl, who then ended up being a terrible mother and an even worse girlfriend. Long story short, Henry had a daughter, got his heart broken, and then got his GED so he could be a single father. He works full time in a office now, but he's 18 so he should be a senior!" "oh that's cool!" Kate says with a smile. "Talking about boys, do you girls have any boyfriends?" Bailey asks. "No." Kate answers right away, "after my last breakup I kinda just gave up on boys." "Yeah I do," you answer, "he uh, he usually stays here with me. But he's in Toronto right now." "What about you?" Kate asks Bailey. "Yeah I do, He has been really great through this whole thing. He uh, he loves me just the same, shaved his head when I lost my hair. He sits while me and holds my hand while I have chemo." Raymond comes to mind wondering how different your life would be if he did that when you had your relapse. "Was your boyfriend great like that when you were diagnosed?" you're asked. "uh no, I had a boyfriend of about two years and when I got rediagnosed." you say, "and he broke up with me. But I wouldn't have it any other way, because I met my current boyfriend here actually. He was my roommate, he was in a motorcycle accident and paralyzed from the waist down." "So you're like a cute little medical couple!" Kate says smiling. "No," you answer, "He is fully recovered now. He um, isn't exactly what you might peg as a guy who would date a bald and poor cancer patient." "what do you mean?" Bailey asks you. You decide to just straight up tell them. Because you like them, and you don't see them being friends with you just because of Josh. They're here now without knowing him. "Well, it's just that he's in Toronto shooting a Movie." you say, "And well, that's because my boyfriend is Josh Hutcherson."

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