Valentines Day

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(A/N: A Sweet AU!)

Clara didn't really have a valentine, a boyfriend, or a date this Valentines Day for the Valentines Dance. She only had great friends but that was it. She knew her Scottish friend Amy had Rory, the Doctor's brother, Ten, had Rose, Martha had Mickey, Jack had Ianto, Donna had Nine... But what about her? She sat at lunch, alone while the other girls and guys chatted about the upcoming dance, leaving Clara miserable.

She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around to find the Doctor, one of her dude friends.

"Oh hi Doctor!" She fancied him, to be honest. But with wonderful football skills and good looks, he's probably taken.

"Hi Clara..." He replied nervously, an uneasy smile on his face.

"Did you need something?" Clara asked, a sweet smile on her face. He pulled something behind his back and it was an red envelope. She opened it slowly and read the letter.

Dear Clara,

You are the most sweet, patient, and beautiful girl I have ever met. You're always there for me and everyone no matter how ridiculous the task. So... If you're not taken..

Will you be my valentine, my girlfriend, and my date to the Valentine's dance?

[ ] Yes [ ] No

It was so Doctorlike that he would put two boxes instead of asking directly. The Doctor handed her a pen, his face slightly red. She took it without hesitation and checked a box. She gave the pen and letter back to the Doctor, who nervously looked inside. His eyes widened at what he read and he had a big grin on his face.

"Of course I'll be your valentine, girlfriend, and date to the dance!" She replied out loud, her smile also wide. The Doctor leaned in slowly and kissed her, on the lips. She kissed back, her mind remembering every aspect of the moment. Once they broke apart they heard clapping. They turned to the sound and found Rose, Ten, Amy, Rory, Jack, Ianto, Donna, Nine, Martha, and Mickey, phones out.

"Finally asked Raggedy Man?" Amy asked and everyone laughed while the two rolled their eyes, looking at each other. This was going to be a great senior year.


Lol sooo it's not Valentine's Day, but who cares.

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