The Wrong Doctor

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(A/N: My cousin made this and she is insane for My Little Pony, so this is basically, for all you bronies and pegasisters, this is the Canterlot wedding... And well.. This is an AU. And some cursing too. XD)

There was one wedding, one Clara, and there were two Doctors. The Doctor's twin, Matt, and the Doctor. Matt was waiting for the Doctor's bride, Clara, who believed that Matt was her Doctor. Matt was deeply in love with Clara, but the Doctor got there first. So he portrayed as his brother to marry Clara. Where was the Doctor you ask? He was stuck in the church basement with Jack Harkness. Matt kicked Jack there for being too suspicious about him.

"How the hell are we going to get out of here? The wedding starts really soon." Jack asked the pacing Doctor, who had a pencil in one hand and a notebook in the other. The Doctor was always great with many things, problem solving one of them.

"There isn't a lock for the basement, but he may have blocked it with something. Jack, do you mind running into the door? I don't have the muscle." Jack nodded and took off his jacket. He took a deep breath and ran into the door. It easily gave way to his strength and weight, almost breaking too. The Doctor put his notebook down on the floor and ran out of the basement, Jack following.

Meanwhile, the wedding was beginning...

"Welcome to the Doctor and Clara's wedding. If anyone has anything before we proceed, speak now or forever hold your peace." The minister asked everyone and at that moment, Jack bursted in.

"I do!" Amy groaned, knowing this is the tenth outburst of saying that Matt wasn't the real Doctor from Jack.

"Besides Jack." The minister added looking around.

"WELL I DO!" The real Doctor burst in, raggedy as he was when Amy first met him at school. Everyone gasped and looked from Matt to the Doctor.

"Damn it." Matt cursed under his breath, looking at his brother with deep anger.

"You thought you could portray me Matt? My twin. You stuck me down in the basement and tried to steal my bride. You know I always slightly hated you. But taking my Clara? Well that's too far." He walked closer and closer to the front of the aisle.

"Doctor..." Clara had tears in her eyes, realizing she didn't notice the differences between Matt and her Doctor... The Doctor brushed the side of her hair, the veil still over her face.

"It's alright Clara. Now if you'll excuse me..." He smiled at Clara before lunging at Matt. Many curses and such could be heard as the two started punching each other. It wasn't long till' people pried them off of each other.

"I'll get you for this!" As Jack's Torchwood agents that mysteriously got there took Matt away, he yelled that out, annoyed at his brother.

"Now can we begin? You guys are one crazy family..." The minister mumbled, waiting for the two to get in position. Now that was a wedding starter they won't forget.


Too much My Little Pony. XD

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