That was it. That's how it ended. "Don't worry, you'll have your Romeo and Juliet story" Calvin's words spun around in my mind like a high speed carousel on repeat. What kind of fucked up story was this. Dylan was leaving, I didn't have a chance on getting him back. That was the end to my fairy tale and happily ever after. Some stories don't start in "once upon a time" and don't end In "they lived happily ever after". Because reality comes in the way and wakes you up before your Prince Charming can to break the spell. I turned around in tears, not wanting to see the empty spot where Dylan was standing in, but no more. I should've listened, but the curious me wanted to seek more. She wanted to see the truth of Dylan, but all she found, were lies. I didn't even know where to begin with the feeling of hurt I was currently feeling. I didn't know if it went to the category "hurt" in general. It went Into, broken. Cut into pieces. Betrayed. Used. Regretted. A Token of advantage. Anything, but hurt. Hurt was such a soft word.

A kiddy word for "I got hurt", "I scrapped my elbow earlier", hurt. But beyond the word, there is a real meaning, and you have to be broken so much to actually feel it. The real meaning, of hurt.

We went upstairs to just stare at a wall. That's all I was capable of doing. Daniella didn't speak. And as much as I know she wanted to to Dylan, she stayed by my side and didn't move.

"Please don't tell me your going to stay in a dark room, stare at walls, and hiss at the light of day" she squinted her eyes chuckling

"No" I smiled with her, she always knew how to bring up my mood

"Just, one minute to feeling loved, then the next to being unloved" I looked at my hands, the finger that still carried the ring. I looked at it, remembering that night he gave it to me. Tears started to float on my pale skin. I picked up the ring and threw it. I could stand and bare to look at it, or even touch it.

"Makayla, do you know how much that cost" she picked it off the ground

"I don't care. I don't want to see it again" I looked away from Daniella, the one trying her hardest not to cry

"Makayla. Your better than this. Your not worth anyone's time to cry over them" she sat next to me, "I know Dylan was different in your perspective, but we can't live like this" she looked down where I was staring at, "we have to let go"

Dylan's POV

it was the first time in so long since I cried for something meaningful. The last time was at my fathers funeral. While his fellow crew members, buried him with a salute. Lucas's father was there, but after that, no one saw him. He disappeared. The police found no evidence, nothing to have suspects in. So the case closed. That was two years ago.

I got into John's car and stared at the wheel, "fuck!" I screamed. Tears were already gushing from my eyes to my face. Makayla knew it was over over, and it sadly, knew it too. She was the best thing that happened to me. She brought the light into me. Because for sure as hell, it was dark inside, and nothing was there but coldness. She lit me up inside. We started off as strangers in a coffee shop, to lovers in West Side fucking High. It broke me to see her broken. She needed to know the truth, but the truth from me is just a lie. I warned her not to go to Lucas, because all he would do is hypnotize her into his belief of what happened. I also warned myself of what would happen after she believed him, and this happened in my head. I visioned this happening, all of it. Of course I didn't and don't want to, but it was all I saw.

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