My finale Hours With You

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Elena's P.O.V

I wake up crying with pain. tears forming a waterfall on my face as I cry harder and harder. A nurse rushes in. "Darling you alright? What's wrong?" She asks me. "M-my-I, I feel sore every-everywhere." I sob. She looks at my heart rate and it's going 160 per second. this is bad, so, so bad. She races out of the room and calls the doctors and nurses. She comes back in and trues to calm me down.

"Elena, you're going to be okay. shh calm down." She says. "I-I feel weird and I'm in s-s-so much pain." I clutch onto my stomach. The nurse sighs and sees the other doctors and nurses racing over. They all flood the room and look over me. I have no idea what they're saying to each other. They're asking me questions and I can't speak.

"Elena. Elena! Can you hear me?" One of the doctors say. I nod my head ever so slightly. she sighs with relief and they all start talking again. They keep saying things that I don;t understand and it's so confusing. One moment they want to do something the next they can't do it but want to do another thing.

"I can't take this a-anymore." I stutter. they all stare at me and the doctor that asked me if i could hear her shook her head. "We're trying our hardest to help you Elena." She says.

"I know. I-I just can't take it anymore." I say. I yawn and I want to fall asleep. All the doctors leave the room and the nurse looks at my blood presure and my heart rate. My heat rate is 98 and my blood presure is fine. "Okay so you're fine now. Any pain?" Se asks me. I shake my head. "Okay go to sleep now okay?" She says. I nod my head and rest my head in the pillow. I fall back to sleep in no time.


I wake up late in the morning. I look over at the clock and it's 10am. oh wow I did sleep in late. whoops....long night i guess. I look at my table and my breakfast is there. I have my breakfast and i lay back down. I turn on the tv and watch it. my phone buzzes and I look over and I grab it and look at the text message.

Hey baby. I'm going to see you around 11am. don't do anything stupid please. - Jacob

I smile. "Well I can't really do anything stupid." I say under my breathe.

Sounds great sugar. I'll see you then love you. - Elena

I place my phone on my lap and watch some tv. and hour passes and there's a knock on the door. "Come in." I say. the door opens and Jacob walks into the room. "Hey Elena." He greets. He closes the door and walks over to me. He kisses me and sits down in the chair.

"How are things?" He asks. I shrug but then flinch in pain. "I guess I'm alright. Just got to remember whenever I move I get pain." I say. "Hmm. Well, I guess who need some panadol for that stuff. And a lot of it." Jacob says. I smile a little. "How are things going with you?" I ask. Jacob sighs. "Is everything okay?" I ask again. "No not really." He says.

"What the matter?" I ask concerned. I know one of his family members died but I want to hear it from him. "One of my great grandma's died over night a day ago. My family wants me to come over as soon as I can. My great grandma was the best. So nice and caring, a great women she was." Jacob says rather fast in his Irish accent. "I just wish I was there to say goodbye. But I wasn't. I was here."

"Jacob it isn't your fault." I say. Hopefully he understands what I mean. "Yeah well, her and I had a strong bond. I'm really upset with myself she died without me saying goodbye." Jacob leans back into the chair. I feel so sorry for Jacob. He just needs some time.

"So I'll be leaving tomorrow morning to Ireland." Jacobs looks at me. "That's fine Jacob. I understand you need to go and do some family stuff. I'll be fine while you're away don't worry about me." I say. "How can I not worry baby? You're hooked up to cords to keep you alive and you almost died last time I saw you." He says. "That's true but if they keep an eye on me then I'll be fine Jacob." I tell him. He just shakes his head. "I'm just worried when I leave tomorrow morning and I get to Ireland, you're going to be..." Jacob trails off. I see a tear runs down his face. "Jacob don't you dare think like that. You just got to believe I'll be alive." I say.

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