Another Author note....Whoopie~ =_=

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     Hi Hi ~

VocaHunter here~!

5 chapters already to stage eh ~?


*throws confetti and stramers everywhere *

Leeeeets Paaaarteeeh ~!!!


*Starts dancing then paused*


(*cue organ music playing *)

Bad news everyone.

I know There's slooow updates from me nowadays.

I'm so so so sorry!!

it's just that I got busy and plus I got Brain dead for inspiration and...I got tests...




But Good news though ~!

(*Cue fanfare *)

I've Finnished Chapter 7 &8 beforehand~!

Soooo... I just...need to...Finnish... chapter 6....


Aaaaaand ~!

There is a BIIIIIG Possibility Me and my schoolmates are gonna do an ANIME ON DTLY!!!!!


//Shoutout: Meh Bosses ~! :3


I'm sooo excited!!!

So, that means I better Finnish this book PDQ!  If I had....enough time...and imagination... (QwQ)

I hope you guys can help me cheer me on~!

And give me a inspiration



Jk Jk Jk....

I mean, if you can:

can you suggest me to any

Alice in Wonderland media?

Just to help me update Faaaasteeer


well, That's it for me.

Keep comenting, Voting

(inbox me if you wanna ;3 )

I'll try my best To update DTLY as often as possible for your pleasure!


Wish meh luuuck ~!

Bye-Bye my tea biscuits ~

(I'ma call you tea biscuits, Cause You're always go with my cup of tea  everyday <3 :3 )

Love and Bloodstains,


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