As The Magic Starts: Jenn's POV

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After we finished freaking out we to the car and drove home to get ready. Although it was only three o'clock and we didn't have to be there till seven, we wanted to get ready early.

"Caitlyn what are you gonna wear? I don't want to be too dressed up?" I ask Caitlyn as I look through my boxes to find something.

"Well I'm guessing we could dress casual, but I'm going to dress a little fancier. Im gonna wear a dress." Caitlyn said showing me her outfit. It was a beautiful red chiffon skater dress. Casual but not too much.

"Oh Caitlyn that's so pretty!" I say to her. "Saleena what are you gonna wear?"

"Well I don't really like dresses, but we are going to Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas's house so I think I'll wear one." She was also looking in her boxes. She pulled out a minty daisy tiered dress with buckle straps. "I think I'll wear this, it's very summer-y." Saleena said I she stood up and twirled around with her dress. She was really girly sometimes and then not at others.

"Cute!" I say clapping my hands. "I still don't know what I'm gonna wear." I really wanted to look nice for Cam. And make a better first impression on him.

"You could wear your blue flower printed dress." Saleena says.

"The one with the buttons?" I ask.

"Yeah that one." She answers.

"No, not fancy enough." I reply.

"You could always wear this!" Caitlyn says and pulls out my 1950's blue floral cotton Miami dress.

"Yes! Thank you Caitlyn!" I get up and hug her. "This is perfect. Do you think it will look good?"

"No, it will look amazing!" Saleena tells me.

"Thanks!" I give her a hug as well. Then we all went and changed. We come back out to show eachother.

"Caitlyn you look amazing!" Me and Saleena say at the same time.

"Thanks guys! Saleena absolutely perfect!" Caitlyn tells Saleena and spins her around.

"I agree!" I say.

"And Jenn! You look gorgeous!" Saleena adds.

"Beautiful!" Caitlyn says.

"Thanks guys." We all have a group hug then went to to our hair and make up. I did my hair really simple: half up, 'half down. Caitlyn straightened hers and Saleena did a waterfall braid.

After we finished we checked the time and it was 6:25, so we left since we weren't quite sure how to get there.

"What do you think were gonna do there?" I asked them.

"Well I'm not sure about us." Saleena said. "But you and Cam have some sort of thing going on, and something's gonna happen." Saleena made kissy face to me.

"Oh my god yas!" Caitlyn said and started doing it too.

"What the hells guys! Nothing is going on! We barley know each other, and I'm not the type of girl to kiss on the first date!" I say. But I'm hoping that there is something.

"Did you just say date?" Saleena asked me, then winked.

"Oooo!" Caitlyn added.

"I uhgh, never mind." I didn't say anything for the rest of the ride. I just say there and looked at the streets and the lights. We finally arrived just in time, it was 6:57. We got out of our car and walked inside. I knocked on their door.

"Hello!" Cam opens the door for us.

"Hi." I say.

"Hey!" Saleena says, then Caitlyn. As were walking inside Cam gives us all hugs. I feel like mine was a little longer though.

"So where's Nash?" I ask.

"Before anything, can I just say you look beautiful." Cam has his arm around my shoulder. "And of course Caitlyn and Saleena very pretty." Caitlyn and Saleena both have me that "he likes you" look. All I could do is roll my eyes. "Nash is just picking up some Arizona." He says smiling. Which is very adorable.

"Oh so he'll be back soon?" Saleena asks.

"Yup. What do you guys wanna do while we wait?" Cam asks with his arm still around my shoulder.

"I don't know, you guys?" I ask. Saleena and Caitlyn both shrug.

"Oh do you have snapchat?" He asks us, then goes to get his phone.

"Yea we all do, and we all already have you on ours..." Caitlyn says.

"Then I'll just add you guys back!" He says while opening snapchat. After he did that he also followed us on twitter and Instagram.

"I'm still really sorry about the door..." I say and put my hand on his shoulder. It's weird he looked at my hand and smiled, then answered.

"It's totally fine, there's not even a scratch." He says while putting his hand on top of mine. It feels kinda awkward to do this around my friends.

"Okay, just don't cry about it." I playfully punch his arm. This whole conversation Saleena and Caitlyn are just watching.

"I already cried out my tears." He answered then gives me a side hug.

"So..." Caitlyn says.

"Oh yeah umm we could just watch tv while we wait." He says.

"Okay." Saleena answers and I nod. Cam sat down on the side of the couch, and he asked me to sit next to him. So I did, then Caitlyn gave me that look again.

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