A walk with frankie

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Jacky POV

Frankie: so what's up with you and Justin

Me: some guys that's likes

Frankie: honestly if he likes you you need to find your feelings

Me: I know my feeling it's just that I don't want to date my sister ex

Frankie: they broke up for a reason

Me: yeah

Frankie: I'm happy to see you again the last time I saw you I was 10

Me: what happen

Frankie: mom left me at a friends house and left with you guys

Me: wow

Frankie: I still got a few pictures with dad and a video

Me: umm I meet this guy who saids he my dad I'm just wait for the results

Frankie: who is he

Me: scooter

Frankie: Justin manger

Me: yeah

Frankie: call him let go to his house

Me: okay we aren't that far a block away

Frankie: okay

I went with Frankie and we walked and talked about are life he went and told me how life was with his friends family and I told him about me and Ariana.

Frankie: wow

Me: yeah that's how life works I guess

Frankie: yeah

Me: we're here

I went knocked on the door to see scooter I went hugged him. To see he notice Frankie.

Frankie: dad

Scooter: Frankie

Frankie: dad it's you

Scooter: I haven't seen you since you were 10

Frankie: you left me at my friends house and never came back

Scooter: what was I suppose to do your mom took Ariana and jacky I thought she took you too

Frankie: you weren't there for a lot of things in my life now what you want back

Scooter: I've been wanting you back

Frankie: we'll I'm the man I am today not cause of you cause of me the choice you should of help me made but I did it myself

Scooter: I'm sorry

Frankie: do you think it to late for that

Scooter: son I want you back

Frankie: you aren't my dad and I'm never your son okay Zach parents are my parents okay they help me find myself and to find out I like guys but where were you oh wait having fun with your life

Scooter: thought about you 3 all your life

Frankie: I want my sister and I want a restraining order against you

Scooter: fine

Me and Frankie went and walked around.

Frankie: you don't know how hard it's been

Me: what happen

Frankie: me and Zach kissed after I found out I was gay we dated for 2 years until his parents found out at the time I was only 16 so I was on the streets for him but I found a living I baby sit and did some work to live in this house for a car and food

Me: what about Zach

Frankie: we are still dating we just wait to get engaged

Me: so for half your life you to we're dating

Frankie: yep

Me: so who gonna buy the ring

Frankie: I don't know maybe me

Me: thanks crazy

Frankie: I don't for love you would anything in the world for them

Me: I want that but I'll never get it

Frankie: you have it turn around

I turned around to see Justin

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