Chapter 4: The Maiden's song.

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Chapter 4: The maiden's song.

Based on Chapter 183,184 and 185 of the Rave Master manga series by Hiro Mashima.

(A/N: I would just like to point out that E is the currency here so don't get confused when it's mentioned later.)

Last time: Now, we were just waiting for Elie and Lazenby's performance. Hopefully everything would go to plan.

-Mia's POV-

We all stood in the crowd nervously, Musica still hadn't returned and it was almost Elie and Lazenby's turn to dance. It was going to have to be pretty amazing now to beat the score of 100 from a team called Drake Rhapsody. Shuda was freaking out about how beautiful their dance was, saying they couldn't be human.

"Elie can do this." I insisted, finally fed up with listening to him.

He looked up at me, "Yes, Elie has an amazing potential to dance it just depends on we state of mind me the attitude towards the challenge." He said and it was true I'd seen first hand!

I was sure by now that this Elie was in fact the same Resha/Elie from fifty years ago. It was all too coincidental: the same voice, face, hair, name and she had Etherion- a power that only Resha possessed. She had just lost all memory of the events o the last fifty year, lost all memory of me.

"It's there turn!" Haru exclaimed but for some reason when their team name, the Rave Stars, was called on Elie walked on stage... in a very skimpy tasseled bikini outfit...

"Who picked that outfit?" I questioned, Haru looked guilty as he stared up at Elie on the stage but I doubted he would have picked it, it was more likely Lazenby or Griff.

"What is Lazenby doing?!" Haru yelled.

"Lazenby became the dumping hero, poyo." Ruby said, which made no sense so I just gave him a questioning look.

"No, she's letting it get to her." I muttered to myself as Elie started looking extremely nervous standing alone in front of the massive crowd.

"This is bad." Haru said as the presenter person talked quietly with Elie upon stage.

Elie froze as shouts of anger came from the crowd. 'get off stage' and 'get lost' were amongst the things yelled at the shaking girl. Haru got quite angry and turned and told them to shut up but Shuda told him to calm down.

Suddenly the band began playing a legendary song: The maiden's song.

I gasped as Elie began dancing to the music, it was hypnotising they way she turned and swayed to the mystifying tune.

"But... this is her song..." I trailed off but no one was listening, everyone was staring amazed at Elie. I couldn't believe my eyes.

This was Resha's song, this was Resha's dance. Which was all too nostalgic as this whole contest was made in honour of Resha Valentine.


50 years ago, a giant snake would appeared in the and ate the villagers each day leaving them helpless. Then one day a wandering dancer came to our village and it was strange but her dance had a sense of mystery that mesmerised us all.

We all thought out village could prosper again from the good atmosphere but in the middle of the performance the snake appeared again... however the maiden continued to dance. In the end, even the snake was mesmerised by the maidens dance. That is the immortal legend of the Dancing Maiden, Resha Valentine!

After that day the giant snake beer appeared again.


"Is that... really Elie?" Haru asked when he finally regained the ability to speak.

"I don't know..." the old man breathed out.

"She's so pretty..." Ruby said, it was true Elie was pretty anyway but up there doing that dance she looked beautiful in a whole new sense of the word.

"She looks hotter than she did in practice!" Griff gaped shamelessly.

By the end of the dance I had been reduced to tears, along with a lot of the older people in the audience. I noticed Haru was also crying and I chuckled wiping away my tears.

"Haru, are you crying?" I smiled at him softly as he dabbed his eyes.

"I never expected you to get emotional over a dance." Shuda added.

"It was amazing but that's not why I was crying," he said with a sniffle, "by why this uneasiness in my heart?"

Everyone began shouting Resha at the stage, Elie just smiled and shouted: "Thank you very much! Ali I people say I resemble Resha but I know nothing about her!" After that the chants consisted of 'Elie' instead.

Haru grinned up at Elie, "Is it me or is she very excited?" he asked.

"It is the true beauty of youth!" I exclaimed loudly putting my fist in the air.

"You sound like Julius, poyo..." Ruby told me, I gasped at him.

"No way! Respect your elders!"

Shuda, ignoring my nonsense, seemed quite proud of Elie, "She was truly amazing."

"Now let the judges give her a score." The presenter said, the crowd went quite with anticipation when suddenly the figures 999 flashed up on the screen above the stage!

The noise was louder than ever, even Haru who wa right next to me had to shout, "999! That's more than 100!" he exclaimed.

"That's the limit you idiot." Shuda pointed out, but Haru didn't care because we were sure to win now!

Suddenly Julius walked out on stage with a plastic life size doll of a women, handed it to Elie and took the microphone before sighing and coming out with te most surprising thing in the history of the world ever...

"I... I give up."

"HUH?!" Everyone in the audience said in complete unity.

"But that means..." Haru mutter quietly.

Shuda suddenly got all up in his face, "That means!" he said with face that was scarily intense.

"That means... this years champion is Elie!" The presenter announced.

"YES!" I screamed so loud and jumped around hugging random people in celebration. No one even protested because they were celebrating the victory too!

Griff erupted with tears of joy, "1 million E! We do t have to starve anymore!" he exclaimed, I grabbed the jelly by his squishy arms and swung him around laughing loudly.

A gun shot sounded, making me stop abruptly in realisation. "Where's Musica?" I suddenly asked.

All in one go, the cheering stopped as another man walked out in stage yelling about 100 Demon Card well equipped solders attacking the village up north. Was this down to Julius?

Haru and Shuda bounced straight into action, getting the information they needed. They ran ahead of me but they were forgetting that Shuda was apparently injured from a previous fight and Elie was still in costume making her also unable to fight.

Haru would end up fighting by himself. "Not if I can help it." I said determined, I ran after them drawing my sword. 'Where are you Musica? We'll need your help!' I thought as I came up behind Haru. We were da wing the Demon Card ranks as they charged at us with swords and maces, weapons of all kind.

"Mia, what are you doing here?!" Elie exclaimed when she spotted me behind the group. I ran into the fray and cut down a few solders- just a I'd thought: they weren't very strong so the found their vantage in numbers.

"Helping!" I shouted as I cut down a few more. Suddenly two figures raced past me and took out awhile bunch of guys.

The amour clad members of Drake Rhapsody had ran ahead of both Haru and I. "The Dance Contest is over." the women said casually, it was amazing they took out opponents with their bare hands.

"Huh?" I gaped, how was this possible?

"Who are you guys?" Haru asked looking just as shocked and awestruck as me.

The pair just smirked as they removed their helmets to reveal...

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