Manitowoc Remote Air Cooled Ice Machines In Newington Connecticut

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If you're looking for an ice machine to produce ice consistently in elevated temperatures that also operates quietly, you may require a Manitowoc remote air cooled ice machine. Because the condenser operates remotely, outside of the ice machine, it can be placed outdoors or on the roof of your building. This provides a better environment for your condenser to operate, and allows your ice machine to create ice more consistently. Many ice machines are left to operate in warmer areas like the kitchen of a restaurant, where temperatures can exceed 100 degrees on a daily basis. This can put tremendous stress on your ice machine and its condenser. 

An ice machine with a remote air cooled condenser does not face these problems as frequently, and your Manitowoc ice machine can operate more quietly, without disturbing guests, patrons, or employees. A remote air cooled ice machine is especially desirable in hotels and motels, as an ice machine creating ice all night can frequently interrupt your guests. With your Manitowoc remote air cooled ice machine, you will be required to purchase the condenser and line set separately, but you will find that over the life of the ice machine, the cost of operation is lower than a standard air cooled or water cooled ice machine. 

Many of Manitowoc's remote air cooled ice machines are Energy Star qualified as well, allowing for owners to realize an even greater amount of savings. Remote air cooled ice machines from Manitowoc all produce either Manitowoc's standard dice cube, or the half dice cube- both of which are perfect for use in beverages. Your ice machine will require a suitable bin or ice dispenser to store the ice created, which we also have available at Ice Machines Plus.

Manitowoc IY-0594N Remote Air-Cooled 510 LB Half Dice Cube Ice Machine


The Manitowoc IY-0594N is a standalone cube ice maker made by Manitowoc. The Manitowoc IY-0594N is capable of producing a maximum of 510 LB of half dice cube ice per day. Half dice cube ice has a high surface area to volume ratio, making it perfect for rapidly cooling almost any beverage. This cuber head employs a remote air-cooled condenser to give the user the most efficient condenser cooling performance possible. The Manitowoc IY-0594N creates enough ice to satisfy the ice demands of businesses such as bars, smaller restaurants, and healthcare facilities.

The Manitowoc IY-0594N possesses several advanced technologies that help make ownership simple. This ice machine utilizes a built-in EasyRead Display to help the user troubleshoot the machine should something go wrong during machine operation. The Manitowoc IY-0594N employs programmable ice production technology to give the user the ability to customize the machine's daily ice output to better suit their business' ice demands. This machine uses a hinged front service door to help make maintenance and cleaning quick and painless. The Manitowoc IY-0594N is sure to satisfy both your customers and your employees with its quality ice production and easy operation.

Manitowoc IY-0594N Features

Has a maximum yield of 510 LB of half dice cube ice per day

Remote air-cooled condenser can be installed outdoors to ensure cooler operating temperatures

ENERGY STAR certified

30-inch width

Manitowoc IY-0594N Ice Type

Produces half dice cube ice

Half dice cube ice dimensions: 3/8" x 1 1/8" x 7/8"

Perfect for dispensing and retail applications

Manitowoc IY-0594N Benefits

EasyRead Display gives user constant updates on changes in machine status

Programmable ice production technology lets user control how much ice is produced daily by the machine

Hinged front service door gives user quick access to all machine internals for cleaning and maintenance

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