The boy that followes my friend

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Hi I'm Amy and this is a TRUE! Story

Me and two friends kelsey and Kerrie went to a shop called tesco Kelsey said to me do you see that man and she pointed to a Corner and me and Kerrie replied with no what are you on about Kelsey said he is following us I just no it!!

Ok ok calm down Kelsey! Kerrie said

I said yeah calm down we can't see the man so maybe your seeing things!!

She swore that she wasn't seen things and she said let's split up around the shop!

So I went to the toys of corse I love toys

and Kelsey went to the sweets

And of corse Kerrie went to cakes

I was alone and I felt something brush past me and I turned around and was about to say sorry to the person but nobody was there like I got really frightened and I ran to Kerrie she was the closest to me

My hearth was nearly in my mouth I was that scared

So I finally reached Kerrie and told her she said ohhhh well nothing happend to me u liers! Ahahah

I swear Kerrie somthing brushed pasted me

I will update soon!

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