It's been a few days since I texted spencer and she hasn't texted me back.

I guess that answers the question I've been asking myself for the past month.

She really does hate me.

I walked through the freezing airport lonely and unaccompanied even though there was thousands of people gathered around me the sound of my suitcase clicking along the cold hard tile floor was the only sound I heard in the loud airport I felt..... empty.

Making my way out of the airport a gust of the chilling wind hit my face I I felt my entire face go numb pulling the sleeves on my sweater down I continued to walk before finally finding a cab.

I climbed into the backseat handed the driver a clump of bills I rubbed my hands together and thanked him for stopping I told him an address as he began driving out of the crowded parking lot After an hour and a half we came to a stop I got out an grabbed my suitcase out of the trunk and hesitantly approached the door of the familiar house that I knew all to well.

'Michael what the hell are you doing here' my mind screamed at me but my heart was telling me something completely different slowly bringing my hand to the door I knocked several times before retracting it after a minute or so of standing in the blistering cold.

I heard the door nob jiggle open looking I expected to see the face that I left many months ago but my gaze shifted lower to see Spencer's little sister Madi "Michael!" she screeched as she flung her arms around me and I wrapped my arms tightly around her "where's your sister" after a few seconds of silence she pulled away as somebody called for her.

"Madi who's at the door" they asked soon a petite figure came into my view "michael...." she said with annoyed looked on her face.

And boom end of chapter hey hey guess who helped me write this chapter yup yours truly @soltero_angel okey dokey ✌🐥 grease nipples

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