The Man Who Can't Be Moved

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(A/N: An alternate universe fic where Clara and the Doctor broke up. Play 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved' by The Script. You'll see.)

The Doctor stood in the corner everyday after he and Clara broke up. That was the place where they had their first date, near the coffee shop. Everyone calls him The Man Who Can't Be Moved. Clara's friends, Amy and Rose keep trying to put some sense into her.

"He's still there Clara and it's already been a week." Rose tried again to get the two back together.

"She's not kidding Clara, he's there." Amy added, showing her a picture of the Doctor, sitting in the corner, holding her picture.

"Shut up." Clara pulled the covers over herself and the two friends shrugged, leaving the room.

Meanwhile Ten and Rory, Rose and Amy's boyfriends and the Doctor's best friends were trying to get the Doctor leave the corner.

"Doctor, move on." Rory tried getting him to move, but he stayed glued there.

"Rory, forget it, let's go." Ten told Rory and the two left the Doctor to wait for his Clara.

~The Next Day~

Clara woke up again in a lonely bedroom. It was already a week and a day since they broke up and she still missed him. She already started to feel like she should forgive him for cheating with River. People already tried to tell her to go the corner but she kept refusing. But today she put on the dress she wore on their first date, grabbed her red shoulder bag, and ran out of her room.

A few miles away, the Doctor was still there, waiting for her. One time police told him he couldn't stay there, but he protested, saying he would stay no matter how many times they kicked him out. The police gave up after a bit, knowing the Doctor wouldn't move at all.

He looked at her picture, his Clara. Such beauty in a petite package, plus a kind heart and clever personality as a bonus. When he looked up, he saw the one person he wanted to see running over to him. He watched in shock as she ran into him, making him lose his balance and the two tumbled down to the concrete.

"I missed you." He kissed her forehead, holding her like a precious artifact.

"I missed you too chin boy." She smiled in his jacket, never letting go ever since that day.


Pleaaaaassssseeee somebody give me prompts. I might have to use stories from and change them... I don't wanna do dat. :/

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