Emily's P.O.V

Sitting. Sitting and waiting is all I am doing and I have never been more bored.

Pete thought it would be nice for us to go shopping together but by 'us' he meant Bronx and Meagan too.

He thought me and Meagan could get to know each other more since I'll be seeing her a lot, sadly. That's the thing, I don't like her.

"Emily, come on let's go find a place to eat," I slowly get up and walk over to Pete lacing my fingers with him just like Bronx.

"Where do you want to eat kiddo?" I almost reply thinking I'm the kid here. Yet I'm holding hands with a grown man.

"McDonalds!" Bronx says tugging on his dad's hand. I slowly let my fingers slide out of his grip and wait for Meagan to start walking before I follow along.

"What do you want Emily?"

"Nothing," I say as I turn around and sit at one of the tables.

"May I sit here?" I look up and see a boy who looks to be my age with long black hair that sweeps across his forehead.

"No go ahead."

"I'm Ryder by the way," he says sticking his hand out.

"Emily," I say lightly shaking it.

"Now may I ask why such a beautiful women like you is here all by herself?" I blush at the fact that he called me beautiful.

"No my 'family' is right there," I say pointing to Pete who is sitting a few tables away.

"Is that..?"

"Yes Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy blah blah blah."

"No I was going to ask is that Meagan Camper?" He asks still staring.

"Yeah that's Pete's girlfriend," I say looking down at my hands.

"You don't like her?"

"I don't like her, she doesn't really like me so I guess you can say were mutual."

"Oh. Well my friends are calling me. I guess I should go. Maybe I'll see you around sometime," I watch him walk off to a group of boys. They start high fiving him and patting him on the back. I look back to where he was sitting and see a piece of paper with messy handwriting.

"Ready to go?" Pete asks as soon as I put the paper in my pocket. I stand up and follow them as we leave the building.

"I'll see you later babe," Meagan leans over and gives Pete a kiss on the lips before hopping out of the car.

We pull away from her house and start the uncomfortable journey back home.

"Who was he?" Pete asks breaking the silence.

"I don't know he just came over and asked to sit with me."

"So you don't know him."

"No. Is that a problem?"

"No I just....want to make sure your safe," I see Pete squeeze the steering wheel till his knuckles turn white.

"It's not like we're dating. He was just a guy who wanted to talk to me," I mutter under my breath as I look out the window. We drive through the gate and the house starts to come into view.

I unbuckle Bronx from his seat and pick him up and carry him inside.

"Do you want to cook dinner with me and Andy?" I ask Bronx as I set him down. He shakes his head yes and I lead him to the kitchen.

"Andy!" Bronx says stumbling over to him.

"Hey there," he says picking Bronx up and placing him on his hip.

"I help!"

"Oh really? Ok well how about you help Emily cut vegetables," I walk over and take Bronx out of Andy's arms and carry him to one of the stools.

"Be careful these are sharp," I say showing him the knife. I place him on my lap and I hand him the knife. Placing my hands genteelly on his as I help him.

After awhile of cutting Bronx gets bored so I decide to take him upstairs.

"Pete it's just a guy," I hear Patrick say from his room.

"No you didn't see what he looks like. He had longish black hair that sweep across his face and he wore all black."

"And that's what Emily looks like only in girl form. Do you have a problem with Emily?"

"No gosh Patrick your not understanding. He's not good. After he talked to Emily he went back to his group and they all patted his back like he just asked her out."

"She doesn't know him Pete," I take Bronx to his room not wanting him to hear anymore.

"Stay in here ok?" I set Bronx on the floor and walk back out in the hall way.

"Pete it was one time. She probably won't ever see him again."

"I just. I don't want my little girl getting hurt."

"She has to grow up some time Pete."

That's the last thing I heard. I run to my room, shut my door, and lock it.






Well there is a new baby in the world now and his name is Saint Lazslo Wentz. Sorry for this short chapter I'm working on another story that I hope you guys would like.

Love you!

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