Day 238

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Its still dark when he's woken up from a high pitched screech "What the fuck was that" he mumbles half awake as he grabs his club and makes his way outside of the hut. There's something in the distance he crouched to hide himself and move towards the noise. As he got closer he could see a blur of something it was big "maybe a bear or  a jaguar" either way he stayed back hidden he couldn't handle something that size "what ever the hell that is,  its not worth it" as his eyes adjusted he could see it better it had something pig sized in it's teeth hanging limply. He didn't know why but he had to get a closer look he'd been here while now and he had never seen something like this, he crept closer making sure to stay ready to "run like all hell"  it what ever the hell it was dropped its meal to the ground and started to look around. He stopped where he was, his heart in his throat he felt like it was looking through him when it let out what could only be described as roar  but this feeling traveled with the sound. "must be how animals feel when they know there not the top of the food chain" a chill ran through his spine and he watched it lurk back into the jungle . "It's too late for this shit " almost like if had it happened earlier it would of been better. " Sleep, sleep is what I need, in the morning I'll check what that thing was munchin on, maybe I'll find a clue or something" he chuckled to himself. " This is fucked up" , his rest that night if you could call it that was with his back to the stone wall of the hut his eyes fixed on the opening drifting in and out until the sun was up.

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