Chapter 8

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"So, how was it? Was it fine?" Andy asked after playing the piano and has returned to their table. "Fine? Are you kidding me? You were awesome!" he exclaims. "Wow! Coming from you, I feel flattered. Thanks" she said and smiled. "You're welcome! I'm just stating a fact" he said. She giggles.

"How about you? Do you have any hobby?" Andy asked. "Paintaing" he replied. "Wow! I also like paintaing. I even have a collection of paintings" Andy replied. "That's nice! Can I look at them?" Michelangelo asked. "Sure! After dinner?" she asked smiling. "Sure!" he replied.

After dinner, he drives to Andy's home and as agreed, they had a tour on her place. Andy led him to a room full of paintings. Most of them were from Italy and France. Then he noticed that Andy got some of his paintings. Andy holds his hand and led him to get closer to his painting.

"This is my favorite of them all and 'M' is my favorite painter" Andy said, unaware that Michelangelo is 'M'. He grinned.

"Why?" he curiously asked. "Ang ganda kasi ng pagkapinta. Actually, I love all of his paintings. I even wanted to have some more of his paintings but some of it were already sold" she said. "You can really see in his paintings that he really love what he's doing. I think 'M' is a deep serious person. I wish I can see 'M' but sad to say, 'M' doesn't go out in public" she added, feeling a bit disappointed but immediately get rid of it. He listens to her in amazement. "Talaga? Can you guess his age range?" he asked. "Hmmm...between mid 30's to early 40's I guess" she replied. He chuckled.

"Why?" nagtaka naman si Andy sa naging reaksiyon niya. "Pano kung kaharap mo na ngayon si 'M'? What would you do?" he asked curiously. "I don't know. I never met him" she said. "So, how about you? Who's your favorite painter?" Andy asked. "Siyempre, ang kapangalan ko na si Michelangelo at si Leonardo" he replied then tucked some strands of her blonde hair which slips off from her bun.nHe sighed then looks at his watch.

"It's getting late. I gotta go now" he said. "Ok" she replied. Then they went out of the room. Tapos inihatid siya ni Andy palabas hanggang sa. gate.

"So, see you next time" he said. "Yeah, I'll miss you" she said. He chuckled. "I'm gonna miss you more babe" he said then grabs her by the waist and kissed her gently. They're sharing the sweetest kiss ever.

"Goodbye!" he said as their lips parted but their face remained close to eachother. Their foreheads met. "Goodbye!" Andy said and kissed him on his upper lip. Then he let go of her and turns away.

He went in to his car and pulled in. Andy waited for Michelangelo to leave first before she went in.

Sa condo niya dumiretso si Michelangelo. It's been months noong huli siya pumunta rito. Mula kasi noong iwan siya ni Angela, ay madalang na siyang magpunta rito sa unit niya.

Darkness greeted him when he enters his unit. Then he reaches for the switch and then turns it on. Light filled in. He sighed and closed his eyes.

All the happy memories he had with Angela, flashed back. Then,the most painful event they had replayed in his mind. He opens his eyes and gritted his teeth. He walks towards his room and took off his clothes.

He took a quick shower and after it, he lays on his bed. But he can't go to sleep. Whenever he closes his eyes, he can see Andy's face. So, he stood up and went to his mini bar. He grabs a bottle of brandy and pour some in his glass. Then drink it straightly. Then pours another one in his glass. And another one again till he consumes half of the bottle. He feels a lil' bit tipsy so he went back to his bed. Walking in a zigzag way as he walks to his bed. Then lays on it and dozed off to sleep.


He was awaken by his cellphone's ringtone. He lazily opens his eyes and reached for his cellphone on the side table. He tap the answer icon without looking who's calling him. "Hello" he said in a sleepy tone. "Michelangelo, where are you?" it was her mom, who's on the other line. "Mom, I'm here at my condo" he answered and then sits on the bed. "Ok, are you gonna have breakfast here?" Stacey asked to his son. "No. We'll just meet at the office, ok?" he said.

"Fine, don't forget we had an early meeting with the board" Stacey said. "Ok, I gotta hang up now. Bye mom" paalam niya. "Bye. I love you" sabi ni Stacey. "I love you too mom" he replied and then hang up. He puts back his cellphone on the side table and stood up.

He went in to the shower room and had a quick shower. Then he dresses up for work. After it, he left his condo and heads to their company.

Along the way, he saw a drive-through so, he stopped by and grabs some food. Even though he hates fast foods, he's got no choice but to eat it. He's on a hurry kaya fast food na lang ang kinain niya. He eat while he drives.

He's just in time for the meeting when he arrived. He composed his self and then started the meeting. He presented the evidence against Mr. Marasigan, who remains silent in the corner.

So the board decided to block list him but still he'll be giving his service to the comapany without any salary. Actually, di sang-ayon ang board sa desisyon niya pero kalaunan ay napapayag niya ang mga ito.

"It's more torturing kung malaya nga siya pero di naman siya makahanap ng ibang trabaho and worst, he'll still be working for us without salary." That statement convinced the board. He knows he's being ruthless but Mr. Marasigan deserves it. Walang kapatawaran ang ginawa nito. Pano na lang kung di ito naagapan? Paano na lang ang libo-libo nilang mga empleyado?

Di pa rin umiimik si Mr. Marasigan kahit na mukha na itong sasabog sa galit. Bibigyan na lang siya nito ng nanlilisik na tingin.

After the meeting, he heads to his own office.

He pull out his cellphpne from his pocket then dials Zairah's number.

"Hello kuya!" bati ni Zairah na nasa kabilang linya.

"Hello pumpkin!" tugon niya. "Can I ask a favor?" he asked. "What is it?" Zairah asked. "It's for Andy, I wanna grant one of her wishes" he said.

"Wishes?" Zairah asked. "Well, I don't know the others but I knew one" he replied. "And what is it?" Zairah asked. He can imagine her lil' sis raising a brow based on her tone.

"Well, he wants to meet 'M', the painter" he answered grinning. "Kuya! Di mo sinabi sa kanya na ikaw si 'M'?"

"Nope. I usually don't do that with women I date" he replied. "So, magpapakilala kanya?" she asked.

"Yep!" tugon niya. "Why?" she asked. "I just want to and besides, she loves my works" he said. "Ok, fine" Zairah replied.

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