"Mom.........dad.......mo---" i yelled, "AWWWWWW" my dad screamed from behind me. Thank god just a prank. "What was that for?" I yelled at my dad playfully pushing him "Because I wanted to have my last prank in this house, and ow!!" my dad said. I laughed and walked off putting the last of my boxes in the moving truck before hopping into my car to go to the airport (they were going to ship my car and my parents cars to Littleton). When I got to the airport I already saw my mom and dad checking in so I went next to them while they claimed our tickets.


(after plane ride and all) - when I got to our new house it was my first time seeing and it was beautiful and I mean it. We also met our neighbors, on the left were the Changs and they had 2 kids both younger than 10 and on the right were the lynchs which I reconized from that band R5. That Riker kid was kinda cute actually. -flashback- Today was my first day of 8 grade. When i got to first period I saw this kid staring at me so I decided to go say hi. His name was Jake, he was kinda cute actually -end of flashback- No wait what am I saying? I cant like him last time this happened I ended up heart-broken and depressed. I dont want to go thro---- what? scratch that I CANT go through that again.


okay i think this chapter sucks but oh well it 4:25 a.m and Im pooped so hey give me some credit.Ill try to write tomorrow but I cant promise anything. I have a life around wattpad too. well I hope you like it so far!!!

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