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Author's Note - I Hope That This Story Make's Sense, I Am Doing My Best To Write It Out Perfectly Although There Are Error's. Please Note That This Book Is Rated ♦R♦ For Maturity.

Chapter Four - Moment's


DAY FOUR.........

I Woke Up At 5 Am In The Morning Hearing My Stomach Grumble Because I Didn't Eat Anything Yesterday. I Smiled Noticing The Food Bag Of Food I Brought Yesterday. I Eat A Burger & Saved The Rest For Phil Who Woke Up Noticing That I Was Not Next To Him In Bed.

His Eye's Frantically Searched The Room, Until He Saw Me & His Gaze Softened Tremendously. "Tell Me About Yesterday Me Amora" His Voice Was Sweet & He Was Very Calm. "I Met Your Beta & His Mate In School The Other Day, Apparently Their Searching For You" I Whispered, the Sound Of His Chuckly Sent My Body Into Overdrive.

"They Figured Out You Where Kidnapped, They Just Don't Know Who Or Why, I Didn't Know You Where The Alpha Of The Red Fountain Pack, The Fearsest Pack In History" I Couldn't Help Ramblng As He Just Sat There & Listened. "Sarah Was Very Kind To Me, I Like Her" I Said Smiling At Phil.

He Started Chuckling Again Not Really Saying Anything As I Continued To Blabber About Yesterday's Event. I Looked At The Time As A Sad Expression Made It's Way Across My Face "I Have To Go Again" I Whispered. Phil Gave Me A Hug & Kiss Before I Walked Out.

He Was Being So Nice I Just Don't Understand It. I Arrived At My Cabin Heading To My Room Where I Changed Into Clean Clothe's After A Hot Shower. All The Bruises I Had Recieved From My Father Over The Year's Had Disapeared.

Except One, It Was A Long One That Went Right Over My Left Breast. No One Knew About & I Hoped That When & If Phil Ever Saw It, He Would Want Me, Although I Feel As Though He Doesn't Want Me Now. I Walk Outside Just As The Bus Pulled To A Stop.

The Bus Ride To School Was Boring As Usual & The Only Thing Weird About Today Was That I Didn't Get A Note From Mother. I Looked To Catch Site Of Sarah Waving At ME As She Jumped Up & Down. Ugh This Was Going To Be A Long Day For Me.

I Smiled Back At Her & Started Walking Toward's There Group, Jake Was Holding Sarah's Bouncing Form By The Waist. Mark Was Laughing With Josh While Jessia Was Struming Her Hair Talking To Annie. "Hey" Sarah Greeted Me "Hey" I Replied.

"How Are You Doing" Sarah Seemed Innocent Enough But Truth Was That I Was Still Scared Of Them Not Because Of Their Reputation But Because I Kidnapped Their Alpha & My Mate Phil. "I'm Fine" I Smiled Sweetly Back At Them.  Before I Had Realized What Was Happening Sarah Had Invited Me To Spend Lunch With Them.

"Thank You For The Offer But I Would Prefere To Be Alone" My Answer Had Startled Her & Before She Could Say Anything Else I Ran Away, The Bell Had Rang As I Reached My Locker. First Period English Was Boring & I Had Ended Falling Asleep.

I Miss The Embrace Of Phil Already Yet I Knew I Had To Wait Till School Ended. The Bell For Lunch Rang & I Found Myself At The Cefateria Where I Sat In My Normal Seat But Thing's Weren't The Same. Sarah Had Dropped Her Tray On The Table Sitting Right Across From Me.

I Guess She Didn't Get The Hint. Jake Sat Next To Her While Glaring At Me As Though He Was Suspicious Of Me But Then Again Who Wouldn't Be. Annie Sat Next To Me Giggling As Josh Sat Next To Her. Mark Sat Across From Jessie Who Was Next To Jake.

They All Had Gotten Into Talking To Each Other As Though It Was The Most Natural Thing To Due. I Felt A Little Uncomfertable At First But As Time Ticked By I Found Myself Talking To Them, Making Light Chat's About Random Thing's. They Had A Profound Effect On Me.

Jessie Hit Mark Over The Head Calling Him Gross As He Had Done Something Disgusting With His Food, Chewing It Then Spitting It Back Out On His Tray While Histerically Laughing.

It Wasn't Funny To Jessie Though Because She Got Up & Stormed Out Of The Cafeteria With Mark Hot On Her Trail. Everyone Else Just Sat There Laughing Before Continueing With A Different Subjest. 

The Bell Rang & I Said Goodbye Before Heading To My Next Class Which Was Biology Nothing New, All Boring But That Didn't Stop Me From Paying Attention & Studying. Time Went Bye Faster Then I Had Expected & The Bell To Next Class Had Range.

It Was The Last Class Of The Day & It Involved Reading, I Liked Reading It Wasn't As Boring As Most Of The Classes I Was Taking. I Sighed Walking Out Of The Classroom Heading Through The Hall's For My Next Class. Another Half An Hour Went Bye Fast & I Found Myself On The School Bus Heading Home Again.

When I Got Home I Opened The Door To See My Parent's In The Living Room Sitting On The Couch Smiliing As They Talked To Each Other. I Coughed Slightly To Get Their Attention & They Turned To Me. What Were They Doing Back? "Listen, We Were Talked With By The Alpha Who Has Decided To Send Me & Your Father To Help Out Another Pack Because Their Alpha Has Gone Missing & Their Beta Is In Our Area Searching For Him, We Won't Be Back For Awhile Until Thing's Are Cleared Up, Bye"

My Mother's Word's Were Rushed As She & Father Ran Past Me Out The Door Into The Car & Away.  I Knew They Wouldn't Stick Around But It Made Me Worry That They Were Going To Phil's Terroritory. Truth Is I Am Suprised I Hadn't Been Caught Yet. I Walked Into The Kitchen Cooking Dinner.

After I Finished I Contained It Up & Left My Small Cabin, I Wanted To Spend The Night With Phil I Loved Him So Much. What I Didn't Expect On My There Was To Fall Helplessly To The Ground After Being Hit In The Face.

I Looked Up To See My Attackers But There Was Only One & It Was A Woman, She Had Curly Brown Hair & Green Eyes. "Who Are You" I Whispered Before Trying To Stand Up Only For Her To Kick Me In The Face Again.

"Who The Hell Do You Think You Are Trying To Steal My Man From Me" She Had Spit Out Angrily, Did She Know That I Kidnapped Phil? How? I Enraged At The Thought That She Wanted To Come & Take What Was Clearly Not Hers.

"I've Had My Eyes Set On Phil For Years, It Surprised When You Attacked Him & Dragged His Body Away, Although You Were Pretty Stupid To Do It In-front Of His Best Friend, Who Just So Happened To Be Driving The Car" She Spoke

"PHIL IS MY MATE" I Screamed Before Lunging At Her, She Managed To Kick Me In The Stomach Before Obliterating My Face With Black & Blue Marks. I Had Also Giving Her The Same Amount Of Damage As She Did To Me.

In The End I Won The Fight & She Was Laying In A Crumpled Mess On The Floor. I Left Her Their Not Really Caring Where She Goes Or What She Does But With The State She Was I Highly Doubted She Would Ever Wake Up Again.

Phil's Facial Expression Turned From Happy To Enraged In Minutes When He Saw Me, I Had My Idea's Why Though. "What Happened" He Had Asked & I Sat Down On The Bed With Him Cradling My Body While Helping With My Wounds.

"It Was Nothing" I Whispered Back But He Wasn't Happy With My Answer, I Pleading With My Eyes For Him To Just Let It Go & He Did, After We Eat I Snuggled Into His Arm's Falling Asleep As The Last Thing Of Today Popped Into My Mind.

I Knew I Wanted To Spend The Rest Of My Life With Phil IF I Could.

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