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** Hey guys so this is going to be a fanfic of Shawn Mendes so I hope y'all like it :) ... oh and please comment if you want to be one of the guys girlfriends . So comment who you want :) k thanks guys **

•Kori's POV•

Beep Beep Beep Beep

"Ugh," I quietly said under my breathe as I looked at my alarm . Its 5:45 in the morning . I honestly don't get why I have to be at school so freaking early , its like do you not believe in sleep ?!

I slowly rolled out of bed and walked into my bathroom then turned the shower on . Be fore I got in I got a text from my best friend , Shawn Mendes , I read the text and it said he would be over to take me to school in about 45 minutes .

I quickly washed my hair, shaved , and washed my body and got out . I dried my hair with a blow drier and decided to let my light brown waves be wavey today . Then I just put some mascara on and skipped to my closet . I stood there for about five minutes thinking of what to wear . I finally decided on a peach colored front pocket shirt and some white shorts with some tan sandals .

I heard a knock at then door and I knew it was Shawn so I graded my phone off the charger and my back pack and headed downstairs to the front door .

I opened the door to a half awake Shawn . He was basically still sleeping but yet he's still moving and functioning.

"Morning Shawn !" I cheerfully said to him .

"Ya , ya morning Kori ." He's not a morning person.

"So how did you sleep ?" I questioned .

"That's just it , I don't think I got any sleep ."

"What?! Shawn why haven't you been able to sleep lately ?!" I kinda yelled at him but I didn't mean too . I kinda already knew why he wasn't in a good mood it was because recently Shawn and his girlfriend  haven't been getting along , I mean I never liked her , she's a bitch . She just uses Shawn for followers on Twitter and other social media . Her name is Mandy. Her and Shawn started dating last year in 11th grade ( A/N let's just say Shawn's a senior this year and their about to graduate ) 

She used to be nice , but then Shawn's fame started growing and she just soaked in all of it.

We finally made it to school at 6:45 fish cause we lived kinda far from our high school . As I got out of his Jeep I couldn't believe what both me and Shawn saw ...


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