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recap of what happened last chapter because some how it got deleted: eve has this boyfriend named jake....he died in a. car crash wth his parents but his brother johnathan was at home. Sam and trevor figured out. trevor and eve Are finally friends...and yeah they decided to go home after one day because they said the outside place isn't for them and Connor missed tumblr to much...so yeah that's pretty much it.their on their way back home right now.


I guess I fell asleep in the car. UGH. I woke up and we're still driving how far did we go?

I started getting a call from JAKE. No way. The boys were sleeping besides ricky cause he was driving

"Hello?"I answered the phone

"Eve?" a guy voice I had no idea who it was.

"uhm yes and may I asked who this is?"

"This is Jake from state farm" he says OMFG wait..this can't be Jake it's has to be


"Long Time no talk huh?" he asked

"Yeah how the HECK did you get my number?"

"this is Jake's phone..." he says

I almost teared up, but I held it back.

"You've been using his phone?"

"I kept it on just for you because of all the voicemails and text messages you send him and you call him like 5 times a day"

"Thank you...." I managed to say. I was crying. for the second time this week great.

"why are you calling?"I asked

"well I was looking inside Jake's room..." he paused

"and I found a letter to you from jake" he says

"please read it" I pleaded

I hear trevor get up and the phone is on speaker.

"ok, To My beautiful girlfriend eve, I remember the first day I saw you. you were eating Icecream and you dropped it. I felt bad for you so I bought you a new one. that day we spent together I instantly knew you were the one. I know we we're really young but I just knew. We went on stupid little dates and watched Netflix all day. remember how we talked about our future?....."

I started crying I remember the day we talked about it.

"Remember how we wanted a little dog and name is Bruno because Bruno mars was our favorite singer..oh and how I said I wanted a baby boy. we were to young to think about that but we still did anyways.

I wish I was still there with you holding your hands, kissing your temple, and cuddling you when your tired or sad. I really wish we had a future together

. I'm happy my brother wasn't in the car with me and my mom and dad when we crashed because he wouldn't be reading this to you, but I just wanted to let you Know I read your text and listen to your voice everyday.

I'm watching over you right now so I will Forever and always love you. just please move on and be happy I can't see you sad no more it break my heart."

"Eve you ok?" johnathan asked

"can I call you later" I cried

with that I hung up

"Eve...." Trevor softly says

" tr-trevor H-he how did h-e write that?" I cried even more.

"everything's going to be ok" he started hugging me.

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