Chapter One: Another chance...

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Who knew that I would have another chance???

After that incident, I have opened my eyes to see a new beginning...........


June 05 1977. 5:45 PM

I was outside of my house and me and my husband were having a picnic near to a mango tree and there are some outdoor chairs and a table and we were gazing the sunset.The scenery is quite beautiful.The mountains, the rice fields,and everything.

"It's really beautiful huh..." said Orlando as he started to hug me.

Orlando is my husband. Before,he has brown hair and he has white baby skin and his features are like a Spanish man but he is only half-Spanish and half-Filipino.

"Yeah.." I replied to him as if I'm really enjoying it.

My name's Siu Amora or Mrs.Acosta =_= Before,I have long black hair and I have black eyes and some people said that I looked like a doll.......a creepy doll actually TT__TT I don't know why but maybe I looked like a creepy doll because I don't try to look feminine and all (Hey! don't judge's hard to be beautiful you know) but my husband said that I look great (liar....=_=)

But now,I guess you can't see my black hair because it's now white.I am now 73 years old and my husband is 75 years old. We might look old (since we have the wrinkles and our skin gets dry)but that doesn't mean our looks and attitudes our old too. I'm probably the most childish wife that you'll ever see!! Sometimes me and my husband have some "husband-and-wife" fights and I make funny faces to him...just to annoy him.

As we gaze the sunset, Orlando suddenly took something from his pocket.


It's a circle....thingy....

It's a silver-plated circle object that has a chain,but it looks like the chain be removable.It has some sort of a flower or something??

"What's that??" I said as I remove his arm from my shoulder and backed away a little.

Orlando chuckled.

"It's a pocket watch" he said with a wide smile on his face."My grandfather gave it to me while I was very young."

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