Doctor Imagine (Niall Only)

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This Imagine for 1D_Storylover

*Adele's P.O.V*

Today was my History test and I had to wake up early to study a little before I go to school As soon as I put my books together on my bed I felt a very bad cramp that made me drop my books on the floor , I clutched to my tummy and sat on bed . " Adele honey , What happened ?" My mum asked before getting in .. I couldn't just answer her It was really too much to handle . " Darling If you're tired I can call you sick today " She said trying to persuade me to stay home but I protested saying " No Mum today is my history test I will be fine I promise " I said to her . Yes I am lying to her but I just have to go there to get this done with 

*Skipping The Bus Ride*

" Adele are you sure you're okay ?" My friend Joey asked . " Errrm Yes I am .. Just nervous because of the test" I said then we both got in the class and the teacher gave us the test .. 15 minutes passed and I started to feel sick again .. I am afraid I don't pass the exam I can't fail !! I fought against the urge to pass out or should I say I managed to because I couldn't do it for so long then I fell out of my desk .. 

I rubbed my eyes and I was in a white room alone laying on a bed .. I got down and grabbed the door handle to open the door but I found someone pushing the door and he hit me with it " Oh god I am really sorry I didn't mean to" He said patting my back .. " It's okay " I said quietly . " Okay Adele I am Dr. Horan , Do you know why you are here now ?" He asked me after he got me on the bed/table again .. " Yeah I passed out at the test " I said . " Okay good , Did you have anything bothering you lately such as pain , anything unusual ?" He asked with his thick Irish accent . " Yeah today this morning I had some cramps but they stopped " I answered his question with a shaky breath 

" Okay can you lay down for me ?" He asked but I just was frozen , " come on , No need to be afraid I know how scared are you now " He said to me and starting pushing my shoulders slightly so I can lay down " Okay I will examine your stomach to see what's wrong okay love ?" He asked but I didn't give him any respond , " Look Sweetie I know you're scared but I won't be able to help you If you didn't let me check you up okay ?" He said . and I gave up and nodded .

He started by pressing on my stomach gently his big fingers were massaging my sore stomach and I was kinda enjoying it , It was so relieving " No pain?" He asked and I shook my head no . " I am going to push deeper now okay ?" he asked and I nodded , about 2 minutes later he hit the right spot and I pushed his hands away .. " Did it hurt ?" He asked and I nodded . " Okay , I will push again to be sure where did it hurt okay ?" He asked and I nodded still scared of what would happen .. He pushed and I screamed " I am so sorry princess , Okay I diagnose you with food poisoning You'll just take the meds I will write here on the prescription okay " He asked and I nodded .. I took it and looked at him " Is that your ... ?" I asked him , " yeah That's my private number you can call whenever you want" He said and winked 

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