Chapter 2

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Revenge is bittersweet. It can work, but then it can suddenly backfire in your face at any given moment. That's what happen to me the next afternoon.

Luckily, today was a get-out-early kind of day. Ever since Zach had sprained my ankle, I had started making my revenge plan. However, when I do things, I make it so that other people won't be able to figure out it was me who did it. So, this was the plan:

1. Get wire, tape, toilet paper, rotten milk(with the chunks in it), and some spray paint.

2. Bend the wire into a key shape.

3. Open locker.

4. Soak the toilet paper with the rotten milk.

5. Tape the globs of soaked toilet paper to the top of the inside of the locker.

6. Leave a note with Zach's ex's (Amanda) name on it.

AND, presto!! An awesome revenge plan formed and put into action! But life didn't give me any luck recently. One of Zach's followers saw me do the deed.


Right after the second to last bell rang, Zach started walking towards me. I only noticed him coming towards me because I had been on high alert the whole day. That means extra enhanced senses in action.

When he got close enough, he asked me," What's up Drew?"

And that's when it all went downhill for me.

He threw a punch to my gut, causing the breath I sucked in for my answer to his question to suddenly be pushed out. This also caused me to stumble back into my locker harshly. Next, he grabbed my black hair in his fist and dragged me to an empty classroom. By the time I got my breathing in control, he had already slammed the door and pushed me into the wall.

"I'm gonna beat you 'til every bone in your body breaks," he snarled.

"How 'bout you try, turtle?" I snidely replied back.

The look on his face was priceless. Fury, shock, and madness overcame him in a split second. And then he snapped out of it by throwing a punch to my gut. Again and again, he punched and kicked me until he and I were winded.

"I'm gonna make your every breathing day a living hell." He spat into my face.

"How 'bout you go back to you trying to run like me? Remember that I'm your captain. I could do the same to you." I replied back.

And that's when his temper flared up again.


When his hand was about to make contact with my face, I had the thought, "Enough is enough."

I moved out of the way of his oncoming fist at the last second. Instead of his fist hitting my face, it hit the wall and went through.

"Tsk tsk. Now look at what you've done. I wonder how Mrs. Bolling will react to a hole in her wall."

He threw another punch that landed into a picture frame with a diagram of the solar system on it. I moved in front of the shelf to my left. It was filled with jars of preserved things in them. Yuck!

The next hit was aimed poorly. Zach's fist smashed into a jar filled with a miniature eel in it. 'I would definitely wash that off. It might have some sort of rabies..' I thought.


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