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My name is Anya.People tell me I'm emo but I don't see it. I have a lot of friends and go to a boys and girls academy.I have my besties Amy and Sadie and my childhood friend Danya.Sadie always said that Danya has a crush on me.But I don't think that I mean she would've told.We have been living together for 15 years.Well I was wrong ever since 1 year ago.Danya and I (still living across from each other) is going to the same high school.We are automatically in the same class math.So after introducing out selves to the algebra teacher Ms.Hanes we go to our lockers and she is right next to me."Hey Danya how's it going."I said."Great.Umm Anya after the next class can I speak with you?"Danya said."Uhhh.Okay I guess."So after class before I can get the chance to go to Danya a boy pulls me to the side a boy name Peter."Uhh.Sorry I pull you like that I just need to ask you something."He said."Go ahead what do you have to say?"I said curiously."Ummm.Okay will go on a date with me?"I was standing there shock as ever was getting asked out."Gosh uhh.I just got here and it hasn't been a day yet give me some time"I said.Peter walked away dissapointed.A month passes and Danya and I never got to speak about what she wanted to say.One day while going to the next class another person pulls me but this time in the girls bathroom.She locks the door and pushes me into the stall.It was Danya.She was looks very scary with her hat blocking her face."I can't take it anymore."She goes down and she kisses me.Whoa what the hell Sadie FREAKING RIGHT?!?!?Dammit what will mom say what about dad.Well I just have to make it a secret until get ready to tell.

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