//Thirteen - The King Lost His Queen//

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//Thirteen — The King Lost His Queen//

Cole Rodriguez

I strode into my house, which was actually quite loud. And the answer for that was Zoie and Julian were having it off in a dance battle, and kept yelling discouragement’s over one another and the music. 

I’m surprised Asha hadn’t stop that.

“YOUR HOME!” Julian yelled, wiggling an eyebrow at me. 

I nodded. Adverting my eyes to the game they were playing — Just Dance. How very entertaining. I watched as the song stopped, and Zoie was declared winner. She laughed right in Julian’s face before skipping off, and declaring she was going to have a shower. Zoie was just as special as her siblings. 

“Where is everyone else?” I asked, dropping myself onto the couch.

Julian was putting away the stuff he and Zoie had been using. “Zoie wasn’t too sure. Apparently, Asha said she was staying in Vegas for a day or two, and Isa is really freaking out about it”

Everything inside of me tensed. “Asha in in Vegas for two days?”

“Well, that’s what it looks like” Julian said, but I was already out of seat and looking around for Isa, to ask more questions.

I found her outside, the phone pressed to her ear and she was clenching and unclenching her fist. I tried to hear what was going on, but she had already taken away the phone and hung up, taking a heaving breath of exhaustion and annoyance.

“Where’s Asha?” May as well get straight to the point.

She looked up at me, and relief filled her face. “Thank god your here! I need you to go to Vegas and make sure my sister hasn’t been hurt!“

“Where in Vegas?”

“I have no idea. You’ll find her, don’t worry. She isn’t hard to find”

I turned and left Isa alone on the porch. I don’t know why I wanted to find Asha as much as I wanted too, but I certainly wasn’t allowing her to go aroundLas fucking Vegas alone. 

No way in hell.

I was only going after her because she was technically my responsibility somehow.

And it would be kind of sad for all that happiness to be ruined.

Yet, I refused to ignore I believed that and dove into my car. It would be roughly four hours going in car, and Asha would probably already be there. I started the engine, and sped of, casting skids around the car.

— The Act of Smiling —

I didn’t stop for four hours, so I was desperately low in petrol and badly needed to piss. But, these feeling’s I found almost irrelevant. When I reached Vegas it was already in full swing, and the bright light’s sparkled all around. So, I parked in the nearest parking before getting out and surveying the bright place for familiar pink hair. 

I saw lots of pink hair.

But, not the pink hair that belongs to my Asha.

I went further down the street’s, and closer to the hotel’s, wondering if Asha would be in one of them.

It seemed likely. 

Some man bumped into me, and shot me a withering look, before heading off.

Calm the fuck down, mate.

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