From Home (EDITED)

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I had always worried about this day, the day when my baby girl would grow up and leave me. They day when she would find out about her destiny. Of course, she might not find out, people might not tell her. Hopefully, she wouldn't know until she was ready.


I sat with my fellow Gryffindors in the Great Hall, as all the students quieted down, Minerva McGonagall stepped forward, as the new head of school, it was necessary that she made a speech to all the students.

"Welcome, first years, to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and to all the old students, welcome back. During this term, I must announce that all students are strictly forbidden to enter the Dark Forest at any time, as per usual. The fifth floor is also forbidden for reasons I am unable to confess. Ghosts are not to be tormented and teachers to be respected," her eyes landed on James. I was confused, James wasn't a troublemaker, was he? Of course, I had noticed a fair few letters from Hogwarts about James... Oh well, that wasn't my problem.

"My final announcement is that I have decided to allow first years to join the Quidditch team this year," Cheers broke out all around the room. "That is all. May the feast begin."

Before my very eyes, an enormous amount of food appeared, roasts, chicken legs, anything you could ever dream of. As I looked up toward the staff table, my eyes met with the Headmistress, she smiled kindly at me and I dropped my gaze, embarrassed. The Headmistress was a scary woman, or so Uncle Ron tells me. He said that he often got into trouble for all sorts of things when that woman was his teacher.

We must have sat for hours, just eating and talking and making new friends. I didn't even take any thought about my mother or father, this was my home, I was happy. They may have been my parents, but I felt a sense of belonging here. I was here to learn magic, and I would do just that.

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