Chapter 4

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Jordans POV*


"damnit!" I heard someone scream.

Then suddenly everything went black.


I woke up in a white room. where am I? I thought to myself. I remember now! I must of blacked out and i must of ended up in a hospital. I heard sniffling from the corner of the room, so I looked over and I totally regret looking over... it was the one person I didn't want to see in my whole life.


"m-matt? wtf are you doing here?"

"Oh u-uhh I didn't realize you were awake... I came to apologize for what it did to you, I just wanted to be popular and I have no idea why I did that and I'm so sorry I never meant any of it. I never thought it would you lead to the hospital. It's all my fault, ugh all my fault. I'm so sor-" he said in one breath till I cut him off. "Matt it's fine. but Idk if I can fully forgive you yet...I mean you did hurt me pretty bad. Look at me matt..." he looked up at me. "its not your fault ok?" I said softly. "ok but I'm really truly sorry and I would love if we can start over?" he spoke calmly. "of course we c-" he cut me off by jumping on my and give me the biggest hug. I felt like my stomach was exploding.

Am I falling for matt now? what about cameron? Ughhhhh this I going to be rough...


Sorry this chapter is really short. I had some writers block.

who should Jordan  go with?

Matt? #Jatt


Cameron? #Jameron

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