light nothing but light

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Tyler walks out of the cave and she follows behide him

"It to bright where am I what is this place"

Tash slowly asked

"This is home my home where do you live"

Tyler reply

" I dont know where I live I havent been home is a long time I dont know where I am and where I belong I dont know where my family is " tash crys out

Tyler walks toward her and she look's at him he walks straight passed Tash watchs him run towards someone else

"krystal "he crys out" is that you"

"Tyler " krystal crys out

Tash slowly walk towards him

"who are you ?" krystal asked

"this is Tash she is new here" ."Tash this is my friend krystal "

"nice to meet you " tash replied

"you to"

Tash looks right at her and tyler she here someone shout

"Hay guys"said Elliott 'what you up to"

Tash turned around and there standing was elliott he looked straight at her

"This is Tash by the way she is new here"Tyler said

everyone looked straight at her and smiled "hello " Elliott replied

"Hi"she replied

Tyler turned and looked at Tash she looked a bit worried

"Sorry guy we kinda have to go see you soon "Tyler said why waving to them

Tash followed him and she said "see I don't know anyone here and no one know me"

Tyler and trash were walking until something very strange happened then they both got worried

A guy walks straight in to here "I am sorry I didn't see you there " he look right at her and he stared into her eye and replied "do I know you I recognize you from some where "what's your name?.

Tash replies "my name is Tash what your name "

"My name is alex I recognize your name from somewhere I have a friend who name was Tash I haven't seen her in avery long Time"

There was silence in the air for a very long time not a worded from anyone or anything

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