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I don't mean to be so rude, pero please! I have recently discovered na may nag babasa nitong 12 years old below neglecting that I have rated this na PG 13 -_- Please readers, be conscious about what you are reading and its rating. I've been writing some horrible words and sensitive topic (e.g. Bar, girls, inuman, san mig, bad words, all guys stuff and etc.)

hindi ako nag expect na may nag babasa nito na 13 years old below. We are also fangirls all right? I'm telling you, the characters here are much way different from the real life people. Some chapters contains topic na di pang bata. Personally, I don't want to limit my self about my thoughts and all, kaya habang maaga pa gusto ko lang paalalahanan kayo. Ayokong mag erase ng scenes na nagawa ko na, I don't want to limit my imaginations because I hate that, I don't want to regret at the end of this story kung bakit hindi ko yun sinulat at bakit ko yun sinulat. Don't get me wrong, gusto ko din kaya na maraming bumasa nito.

See guys? It's really important for you to comment about the story and your thoughts about the scene. Sinasabi ko sa inyo, the characters of Sharlene and Jairus are 20 years old up. Older fangirls have been wishing for them to end up until pagtanda nila and to do something na nasa kilig level nila, that's why I have written this plot. Di naman siguro ako nag kulang na e reveal sa inyo ang plot ng story di ba? To think na 4th year college students sila dito and are actually being arranged.

Pero at the end of the day, it's your choice if you'll choose to read this story, I'm just concern about the kids who are reading this. JaiLene love team are for teenagers and all ages, I agree on that! No limitations and all! :) But this is a wattpad story, fanfiction specifically, please don't neglect that this is rated PG 13 :( Be open minded nalang.

I trust your smart choice guys, kung ayaw nyo mag comment dito, atleast drop by on my inbox kasi hindi ako snob and I promise to relpy on every comment or messages in this story, in all of my story.

Again, I trust your smart choice :*

How about I'll be making a short story for you guys na rated G lang? :D meron ako dito, Jailene din, ito yung supposed to be plot ng 'you're mine'. Gagawin ko ang makakaya ko para ma tapos yun :) pero after October pa xP Nakaka apat na chaper palang ako nun.

God bless us all :*


Those who will continue reading this story I need your agreement by hitting the vote. Thank you and God bless you :)


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